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The crash of impeachment

THE more things change, the more they remain the same. Fourteen years into the 21st century, the self-acclaimed largest political party in Africa is still fixated on the crude techniques of dog-eat-dog that are purely reminiscent of the dirty politics of yester-years. How can it be said that during the Ekiti and Osun gubernatorial elections, prominent opposition politicians were picked up and dumped in the gulag, only to be released after voting hours? There is God ooooo!

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A seaman in exile from the sea

TODAY, we remember the Polish-born English intellectual giant, Joseph Conrad (1857-1924). We owe today’s title to his expose in his famous novel The Secret Agent – Lord Jim: “His incognito, which had as many holes as a sieve, was not meant to hide a personality but a fact.

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Between Lamentations and Song Of Solomon

THE same spirit that propelled “the weeping prophet”, Jeremiah, to write the book of Lamentations at the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon, with her people killed, tortured or taken captive, is more than enough to make us reside permanently in lamentation for today’s world that is filled with injustice, poverty, crime, war and all forms of rebellion.

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