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The Igbonla kidnap saga: killing the future softly

THE Igbonla kidnap saga came to a rather abrupt end on Friday July 28 after the abducted school boys were released at a creek in Ondo State. The six boys spent 64 days in captivity. The travail of the school boys, all of Lagos State Model College, Igbonla in Epe, began on 25th May, 2017 after ten of them were abducted right in the premises of their school by criminals who would now like to be seen as belonging among militants of the Niger-Delta.

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Waec Result 2017.

True meaning of the May/June 2017 WASSCE result

THIS week’s column should be seen as one piece with last week’s talking point entitled, ‘Some thoughts for the Nigerian child’. In other words, today’s discussion is, for me, a continuation of last week’s discourse which aimed to take a stand for the younger elements of our society, especially school-age children and the trained youth without much prospect in a Nigeria that is programmed against them.

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