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Ajimobi’s Oyo

ABIOLA Ajimobi, governor of Oyo State, has been in the news of late. Only weeks ago he was honoured with a chieftaincy along side his wife by the Olubadan, Oba Odulana Odugade. There has been much talk before and since then about how well the Governor has transformed Oyo State, particularly, Ibadan, the state capital, into a working city.

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Search for Nigeria’s security challenge: The Patriots’ proposal (2)

THIS is so because in the three periods relevant for support for The Patriots choice of the basis of sovereign representation, the sovereigns in the societies that were united to form the Nigerian Province of the British Empire were never normally and universally ethnic nationality sovereign. In the pre-colonial period, sovereignty was variously monarchical, imperial, and age groups stratified.

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Jonathan, the fire fighter

NOW it looks like President Goodluck Jonathan has decided to take on the beast of religious terrorists ravaging different parts of Northern Nigeria, particularly the North-Eastern part, with his imposition of emergency rule on the three states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa last Wednesday.

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