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Re: Who will protect Nigeria’s Northern Christians?

The international community pretends that this situation is a tit-for-tat problem, rather than a one-sided slaughter. Meanwhile, in Nigeria, the press fails to report or actively obscures the situation. Christians in the south of the country feel little solidarity with their co-religionists suffering from this Islamic revivalism and territorial conquest in the north. And worst of all, the plight of these people is of no interest to their own government. In fact, this ethnic and religious cleansing appears to be taking place with that government’s complicity or connivance…

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A rare success

By Donu Kogbara ROTIMI Amaechi, the   Minister of Transport, should be heartily congratulated for establishing an efficient railway service between the Federal capital and Kaduna. When it was announced that Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport would be shut down for six weeks, starting March 8, while its ragged runways were being totally reconstructed, I was one
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Shameful and ridiculous

EARLIER on this week, I was contacted by a gentleman called Jude Ndukwe ( He is the national leader of the Movement for the Advancement of National Transformation, MANTRA, a civil society organisation, CSO, and he introduced himself as the co-convenor of an upcoming rally that would culminate in a solidarity visit to the Abuja headquarters of Amnesty International, AI, the respected multinational human rights organisation.

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