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Lagos Airport, Buhari

One day begins a story

A foreign girlfriend told me last week that she never ceases to marvel at the docility of the average Nigerian. To illustrate her point, she talked about a recent experience at one of our airports.

Shortly after she arrived to catch a flight that was supposed to take off at around 11am, it was announced that the flight had been postponed until 1pm.

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He is so right!

Odein Ajumogobia, SAN, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, has pointed out that since 75 per cent of Nigeria’s population is aged between 18 and 35, young people are under-represented within the context of the National Conference.

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National Conference

I was very pleased when I heard that Professor Bolaji Akinyemi, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, had been appointed Vice-Chair of the upcoming National Conference. I know Akinyemi personally and respect him enormously and have long regarded him as one of Nigeria’s best human resources.

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The Sanusi Drama

WHEN Mallam Lamido Sanusi Lamido, the suspended Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Governor, decided to publicly query the financial dealings and modus operandi of the state oil company (NNPC), my knee-jerk reaction was that he was behaving inappropriately for a government official and must have a murky hidden agenda.

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Readers’ Responses

Last week, I praised President Goodluck Jonathan for appointing Major-General Kenneth Minimah as Chief of Army Staff (I said he had a good reputation and felt that those who were criticising Jonathan – simply because Minimah is a fellow Ijaw – were being unfair).

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