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The death of democracy in Nigeria: A coroner’s inquest (6)

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, who appears to be fixated with blaming the PDP as a scapegoat for the egregious failures of this government, believes that Buhari’s re-election is divinely ordained. For myself, it is sad that both men, who are devout Muslim and Christian respectively, can peddle the fiction of integrity and moral uprightness when the reality on ground is completely different

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The death of democracy in Nigeria: A coroner’s inquest

Before I deal with the core issues hidden in the womb of today’s title, let me say one or two things about some intellectually constipated anonymous fellows who, because either they can buy a copy of Sunday Vanguard or read this column on-line, feel entitled in their stupidity and lack of critical thinking to the extent of responding to my criticisms of President Muhammadu Buhari in a manner that strongly suggests that Nnamdi Kanu was probably correct when he described most Nigerians, including the so-called educated ones amongst them, as “animals.” In taxonomy, the science that deals with classification of plants and animals, including speciation processes, the human species, homo sapiens, belongs to the broad category of animal kingdom.

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