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Last year, this year, and beyond (3)

By Douglas Anele As usual, in Nigeria the official response to covid-19 pandemic is hampered seriouslyby shambolic health care system, inadequate number and quality of health professionals in the relevant fields, non-existent testing and contact-tracing infrastructure, and conspiracy theories coupled with scepticism in some segments of the population about covid-19. That said, the effort to
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Last year, this year, and beyond (2)

By Douglas Anele It must be admitted that throughout history individuals in positions of power and influence, especially political and military leaders suffering from undiagnosed and untreated emotional disturbance or motivated by excessive greed and megalomania have done unspeakable evil. So, it would be too hasty and unwise to dismiss every conspiracy theory around covid-19
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Futility of shaming the shameless (4) 

By Douglas Anele That President Muhammadu Buhari’s electoral victory in 2015 was made possible in large part by self-styled progressives, hypocritical human rights activists, and politicians who previously scathingly criticised his nepotic, dictatorial tendencies is the clearest indication of the ideological and moral barrenness of Nigeria’s political class and the elite in general. If assessed
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