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France : Subverting the African people

WITH all its pretentions to international democracy, liberty and the brotherhood of man, France on Tuesday October 27, 2009 opened its presidential doors to Mauritanian coup plotter, General Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz. The General had on August 6, 2008 overthrown the democratically elected President, Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi.

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No friends in Afghanistan

THE only group that seems clear about what it is doing in Afganistan today is the Taliban. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) waits on the United States (US) which is itself confused, while the puppet Hamid Karzai regime, caught rigging elections, faces credibility problems and a run-off on November 7, 2009.

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UN elections : Celebrating vanity

By Owei Lakemfa NIGERIA was “elected” into the 15- member United Nations (UN) Security Council last Friday and there was a big jubilation in government circles. It was hailed as proof of the country’s growing international status, thanks to President Umaru Yar’Adua’s outstanding leadership qualities. Foreign Affairs Minister, Ojo Maduekwe, located our election partly in
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Blessed are the peace makers

By Owei Lakemfa THE  Nobel prize awarded to American President, Barack Obama  on October 9, 2009 was for peace but it has since turned into an international war of words. Ironically, the award news came to Obama while he was holding a war cabinet. It was over the Afghan war he inherited from his predecessor,
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Why I was not at Independence Day

By Owei Lakemfa I WAS not at last Thursday’s 49th Independence celebrations held by our leaders. I know I was not missed. Almost all of us ordinary citizens were not there, either physically or in spirit. We were not missed. The important thing was that our leaders had fun, congratulated themselves and remembered to thank
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