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Old Wine, New Bottles

What do we do with Nigeria is not the question, but what Nigerians should do as citizens. Placing the blame and ills on the how Nigeria is structured is evading and avoiding decades of the protracted misadministration and mismanagement of successive governments on merely national structure. I wish it were that simple but it is not. Seriously there have cracks in the fault line of the national fabric and all administrations have contributed to its failure so by simply blaming it on structure, it is disingenuous, evasive and purposely trying to extricate themselves from the monumental failures of Nigeria and it is not helpful.

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Wear Red For Sickle Cell Day

The World Sickle Cell Day is on 19th of June. The wear red for sickle cell day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008, to raise awareness about the sickle cell disease globally. Sickle cell affects us all directly or indirectly and it has affected and continues to affect many families who have lost family members as a result of the condition.

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