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Thieves everywhere!

I found an older friend watching African Magic when I called at his place. I joined him out of sheer respect and civility, although the channel is nowhere near one of my preferred channels. But as always, there is some good and some lesson in everything.

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Lagos Airport, Buhari


‘I don’t like airports. They take people away’. So said a young boy in the book, ‘Two Weeks in another Town’. I am on all fours with this boy who had seen his loved ones depart via the airports. (Although it can be argued that airports also bring people home).

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In Nigeria, crime pays

I was chilled to the bone as I read last Saturday Vanguard’s account of how a few young men kidnapped the aged mother of our Finance Minister, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and how a septuagenarian was killed because the ransom money was not enough.

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