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Revisiting ‘CAN’s descent to the medieval’

AS ‘Sukuk’ and ‘Islamic banking’ are both components of ‘Islamic finance’ –or investment- I thought there was no need writing anew on the subject of CAN’s rejection of  ‘Sukuk’ since I have already written six years ago on the Association’s earlier rejection of ‘Islamic banking’ itself. And so this week I serve you a re-jigged version of my earlier piece titled ‘CAN’s Descent to the Medieval’. It’s Postscript is an extract also from a previous one titled ‘Mad Men And Economists’. Read on:

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All hues, All flavours

And now as ‘radical’ Lamidos contend with the ‘reactionary’ Walis of their PDP, to pick its ticket, they have to worry also about the ‘aristocratic’ Atikus of APC possibly crossing carpet to trade tackles with them; even as they all have to contend with the incumbent might of an ‘autocratic’ Buhari asking for a second term

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