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2016: Diary of a Columnist (2)

TO suggest that the Attorney General instituting criminal proceedings against the Senate leadership bears the imprimatur of the Executive arm undermining the principles of separation of powers, or that it constitutes a coup of one arm against another, is most uncharitable, to say the least…. The theoretical notion of the ‘independence’ of the arms of government is a misnomer. What exists in practice is functional ‘inter-dependence’.

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Now that everyone is a journalist (2)

I CLOSED last week with this key point, namely: that the ‘freedom of the press’ –ironically- does not belong to the press. That media ethicists say it is a ‘public trust’ reposed in the media to be enjoyed not by the media, but by the people. And that although journalists must be constantly alert to see that “the public’s business is conducted in public”, they must also “be vigilant against all who would exploit the press for selfish purposes, including from amongst themselves”.

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Tinubu’s ‘Right of first refusal’

IT was French neoclassical architect, Jean Laurent Legeay who said “In politics, as in business, you must always ask for thirty pieces of silver even though you have more than enough”. Now whether this statement more aptly defines ‘greed’ than it does politics, is an entirely different matter. Anti-Tinubus have always asked, -often self-righteously- ‘What does Tinubu want?’

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