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Muhammed Adamu on Thursday

Buhari: To debate or not to debate (2)

WE have seen that unlike in sports, in political debates there are neither gallant losers nor magnanimous winners.

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Matters miscellaneous (I)

NOT  all ‘change’ is in the direction of ‘growth’. Or so say development economists. Because some changes are actually in the direction of rot. When things decay they change in the negative direction. Because ‘matter’ is always either in a state of growth, of decay, or of inertia. And so too, not all ‘movement’ is necessarily going forward. Because often some movements occur backward in the reverse of the distance already covered. This is without prejudice to the fact that sometimes it makes perfect sense to ‘move back’ first in order to effectively ‘move forward’. Because often it has to get damn bad before it can get better.

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Readers’ reactions

“Mr. Adamu, good day. Thanks for your illuminating expose on the primacy of national interest/security over the rule of law. I have a similar view. I tried to educate my learned colleagues and most of the newspaper columnists who had an opposite view. Only The Nation on Sunday published part of (the) view on 9th September in Mr. Eriye’s column. In the Libya matter you mentioned, the British used the rule of law to let her citizens be murdered instead of employing national interest to defend them. The great Lord Denning was vivid in his analysis”.

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Revisiting ‘On Atiku’s ambition’

THE English playwright John  Webster, in ‘The Duchess of Malfi’, was the one who said “Ambition… is a great man’s madness” -impliedly suggesting that the urge to achieve is more the affliction of those who already have achieved, than it is the malady of commoners who should have every reason to want to achieve. If ‘ambition’ is more to the ‘great man’ than it is to the ‘commoner’, the question then arises, ‘why should ‘greatness’ allow itself to be troubled by the wearisome aspiration to be even greater?

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Rule of law

Ain’t the ‘Rule of law’a bitch (1)

I AM currently almost half way through my LLM Programme in the area of ‘International Law And Diplomacy’. Quite an interesting area of law, you should know. And I love the most the aspect of it called ‘International Humanitarian Law’ -otherwise referred to as the ‘Law of  Conflict’. Or the ‘Law of War’. Yes, you heard right; the ‘law of war’!

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