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Before number four (1)

Friday, July 11, 2014, is World Population Day. The day was declared in 1987 to draw attention to the world’s population growth and ensuing issues and challenges. Religious bodies, governments, the United Nations, concerned civil society groups and other relevant organisations are all firm and uniform on one issue: the need for family planning and/or population control.

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The first time I heard the phrase “global village” was in the mid 80s. It was a vague concept then because all we had to prove it in this part of the world were air travels and restricted access to telephone which enabled a few people to reach the outside world faster. Beyond that, it was difficult to make sense of it.

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Who is a wife?

My personal struggles and imperfections notwithstanding, I hold very strong views on sexuality, molded mainly by my conservative Christian orientation. But I have also come to accept that we live in a free and secular world, and I therefore must tolerate contrary views and tendencies.

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Parents are not priority

I have an exercise I always conduct in my pre-marriage class. I normally ask the participants if their parents are still alive. If the answer is yes, I will ask if their parents have health challenges, faulty or old cars, leaking roofs or broken walls or other problems the parents need money to solve. Normally, they also answer “yes”.

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