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Gambo Dori

The CP in Kano – man of the moment

AT the heat of the collation of results in the Kano State gubernatorial elections, when tempers were running high, one man stood out as the man of the moment. He was seen running hither and thither, dousing tension and pacifying restive crowds with soothing words.

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Testing the grit of the Public service(2)

FOR  many of us that have had the privilege of reading Liman Ciroma’s autobiography, Testing the grit of the Public Service, have found in it a rich account of the Nigeria’s public service. As the book jacket blurb rightly says, ‘it captures all the momentous events and landmarks of the period that spanned his time within the service, and especially those years which he headed it’.

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Preserving the civil service

THE recently concluded primary elections have once more brought forth the acute dilemma of those in the civil service to come out as candidates for political positions or not. Ideally civil servants should resign from their offices before putting themselves up for elective posts. But what we have now is clearly getting out of hand.

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