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Gambo Dori

Zamfara judgement: There is triumph in defeat


I HAVE always looked forward  to any pronouncement from Professor Itse Sagay with palpitating anticipation, and whenever it came I gulped it with relish. With Sagay there is never beating about the bush. He would not refer to a spade as a tool with a sharp-edged typically rectangular metal blade with a long handle, etc. No. Sagay will call a spade, a spade. Full stop.

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Ganduje, Kano

Kano emirates imbroglio – a reflection

EVEN though the feud between the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II, had simmered for many months, yet when it broke into an open conflict many were taken aback. Of course an assault on the very prominent Kano emirate is bound to raise eyebrows here and there, but, for me, there were really no surprises.

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Mohammed Adamu,Police

Banditry – the police hold the key

PROBABLY nothing had been so extensively discussed nationwide in the last fortnight than the issue of security, or to be more precise, lack of it. Other momentous issues ranging from the delayed budget to what is trending in the transition matters such as the appointment of new ministers, etc., have all been quietly tucked away in the back-burner. It was no surprise that even when President Muhammadu Buhari returned to the country after a ten-day private visit to the United Kingdom his gaze at the airport only fell on the visage of the acting Inspector-General of Police, IGP.

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Brexit blues in Great Britain

BREXIT –  the acronym for Britain exiting the European Union, EU – has become a long-running saga dominating that Island’s political spectrum and has attracted media attention not only in Europe but the world over. Because of Brexit one prime minister and head of government, David Cameron, lost office in 2016.

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The CP in Kano – man of the moment

AT the heat of the collation of results in the Kano State gubernatorial elections, when tempers were running high, one man stood out as the man of the moment. He was seen running hither and thither, dousing tension and pacifying restive crowds with soothing words. That night when the votes were being tallied it was obvious that the two protagonists in the unfolding saga, the APC and PDP, were running neck to neck and Kano metropolitan was being put in the position of the decider. It was a dicey situation, but seasoned punters would readily have put their last naira on the opposition party to win

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Lawyers SARS

The judiciary: Matters arising (2)

REPLACING a serving Chief Justice is not a matter that is contemplated lightly and executed whimsically by any sensible leader. It is a delicate issue which would be more so when viewed against the unfolding political developments in the country at the time when the decision to unseat Justice Walter Onnoghen was taken.

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