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Sentient instruments

BY sentient instruments is meant instruments which refuse to be deployed in the achievement of evil, sinful and inhuman purposes. These would be instruments such as knives, clubs, base ball bats, guns, 747s and nuclear weapons which are sentient to recognise when they are being used to stab innocent bystanders, to bash people on unoffending heads, to smash weakening knee caps, to shoot unwary toddlers and to blast into smithereens entire cities to show that it could be done.

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Social Media and Social Exchange theory and Strategic Contingencies theory (1)

WHAT constitutes power and influence? The most powerful and most influential among us invariably becomes our leader or is made our leader. Information and the acquisition of which constitutes knowledge becomes the leader. Secrecy, the hoarding and guarding of knowledge, becomes the ‘sole preserve’ of the powerful. When we choose our leaders we have hand over the power we have to them. If that power is misused, we have the right to take back our power and give it to someone else. Until now, the Secrecy of the powerful and the consequent ignorance of the people have always made such processes of taking back the power from an erring leader virtually impossible.

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