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Nigeria needs an entrenched APC

By Ugoji Egbujo When two elephants fight, the grass , they say , suffers. And many ordinary Nigerians , downtrodden and dispossessed, may thus be rightly apprehensive of not just the menace posed by the attitude of the elephants we have in the PDP and the APC but by the enormity of the storm that
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The worldly church of a ‘Religious’ society

By Ugoji Egbujo ‘Shoki’ has invaded the church and nearly every dance step is infected including choir members’. But Shoki, like skelewu before it, is perhaps harmless. Materialism, opportunism and vain glory have taken front pews and chased spirituality to the back benches, and that is trouble. Pre-occupation with prosperity and instantaneous gratifications and miracles
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The men around Buhari: Ballast or Albatross ?

A tree does not make a forest and the forest that APC must be , must consist of all sorts of trees.
However, as they say, when the head is rotten then the fish is rotten. Buhari’s performance, if elected , will depend on his personal attributes , the men around him and the institutions they are able to foster but much more on the mission he elects to undertake. He must have a clear mission.

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