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For Crying Out Loud

What Catholic Bishops told Buhari

We, the representatives of the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria, bring you our cordial greetings and blessings. We desired this meeting, in order to continue the dialogue we initiated with you even before your election as President. We therefore thank you for granting us this audience, which affords us the opportunity to share with you, once again, our thoughts and concerns on some issues affecting our dear country, Nigeria.

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Exhuming Bola Ige

In the decade and a half since Chief Bola Ige was murdered while serving as Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, the Nigerian public has gone from the tortured feelings of shock and outrage to resignation and now cautious hope that justice may, at last, be done.

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Muhammad Ali: The pugilist as poet and acknowledged legislator of the world

THE quest for an affordable ticket had landed me with a far longer journey than necessary—a predicament that all budget travellers of the world know too well! With final destination Abuja, I had first to fly for over three hours from Austin, Texas, to New York, then nearly 6,000 kilometres overnight to Paris, before finally embarking on the six-hour trip home. I scanned the in-flight movie menu. Ali, the 2001 biopic directed by Michael Mann, starring Will Smith, was available!

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Niger Delta scavengers

A NEW champion of the Niger Delta has hatched out of its polluted creeks. It is armed to the teeth with assault rifles, bombs and ocean-wide expectations of becoming the next militant-multimillionaires through government pay-offs to ensure peaceful oil and gas production.

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University Sexual Harassment Bill not enough, we need entire culture change

Libido over learning: A sexual harassment bill to the rescue

ONE of the most socially significant bills to be introduced by a legislator is now before the Senate. Its proponent is Mr. Ovie Omo-Agege, only about three months old in that conclave of self-inflating legislators who crave the bogus adulation of “distinguished senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.” By this bill alone, Omo-Agege has surpassed what older tenants of the Senate, some in their third or fourth terms, can ever hope to achieve besides living large and laundering our stolen moneys in offshore tax havens.

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What would it take for a politically exposed Nigerian politician to resign?

WHAT would it take for a politically exposed Nigerian politician to resign from office in protest of his or her averred honour? If ten trillion naira looted from the treasury was found stashed in his private vault? To stem the tide of public outrage following her purchase of five bullet-proof Bentleys purportedly for the comfort and safety of very important visitors to her ministry?

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