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Nigerian-style democracy

THE system of    government favoured by Nigerians has always been the democratic system.  Even military governments in Nigeria seize power ostensibly in the interest of upholding or promoting democratic structures.  We even had a period, under Ibrahim Babangida, when a military government at the federal level orchestrated democratic structures and elections at the state and local government levels.

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The leadership Nigeria desperately needs

IN the last election cycle, I was a strident supporter of President Goodluck Jonathan.  I wrote extensively in support of his re-election.  Elections are never about choosing the best people for positions of authority.  They are about choosing the best of the available candidates.  This means we are often required to choose the best out of a bad lot.

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Do Nigerians really want Nigeria to succeed?

IN 1960, John Kennedy exhorted his fellow Americans on his inauguration as president of the United States to: “ask not what your country can do for you: ask what you can do for your country.”  Can you imagine a Nigerian leader asking the same question of Nigerians?  He would be laughed out of court.  The answer is likely to be a curt: “What has Nigeria done for me lately?”

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Kingsley Moghalu for president

IN just a few months, Nigerians go once again to the polls to choose our next president.  This is the opportunity we have to determine our destiny.  It is a civic duty that comes only once every four years.  Therefore, it must be entered into like a marriage; soberly and with full presence of mind.

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