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The numbers game by Femi Aribisala

I was standing in the parking lot of the building where I lived in Lagos, talking to Bimbo Dada, now Director of Library, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, when a man walked through the gate and came to talk to me. He said he worked for an oil-company but had recently been posted out of town. There was a lunch-hour fellowship meeting every week in his house and he was at a loss what to do about it now he was leaving. So he had been asking the Lord for guidance.

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Christians are idol worshipers (II)

Whenever there is a cautionary word of prophecy, it is customary for supercilious Christians to automatically exclude themselves.  Thus, some Christians object to the assertion that Christians are idol worshipers on the grounds that it does not leave room for possible exceptions.  But the prophetic word does not give room for self-exclusion.  It is tautological, creating the need for general self-introspection.

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Christians are idol worshipers

Atheism does not exist. Man is a worshiper. Everybody worships. The critical question is who or what we worship.

I went to buy blank videotapes in a van emblazoned with Christian VideoNet on both sides. When I came out of the van, an Asiatic gentleman engaged me in friendly banter. He was clearly not a Christian, but I soon got the impression he was in the marketplace for a new religion. He did not wait for me to witness to him. Having seen the insignia on the van, he wanted me to tell him about Christianity. But then he had some vital questions he wanted cleared up right at the onset.

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God want to heal you (2)

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17). Therefore, saving faith comes by hearing that Jesus is the saviour; and thereby we are saved. Similarly, healing faith comes by hearing that Jesus is the healer, and thereby we are healed: “This fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, ‘He took our sicknesses and bore our diseases.’” (Matthew 8:17).

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God wants to heal you

Most definitely! In the Old Testament, God reveals himself as Jehovah Rophe; the Lord who heals. He said to Israel: “If you will listen to the voice of the Lord your God, and obey it, and do what is right, then I will not make you suffer the diseases I sent on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord who heals you.” (Exodus 15:26).

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