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Nigeria and Economic Recession: Way out (8)

“In the absence of improved food processing methods and storage facilities, the fear of losing these products due to the effects of nature is one factor that may prevent farmers from engaging in their cultivation on a much larger scale than that which exists at the moment. Therefore it may be counter-productive for any farmer to heed the call of government by participating in whatever measures are introduced to boost crop production without assurances that facilities will be put in place for the storage of the products.”

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Nigeria and Economic Recession: Way out (7)

Last week in continuation of my examination of the huge potentials of Agriculture as a means out of getting Nigeria out of the current economic crisis, I focused on the advantages of the River Basin Development Authorities established in 1976 by the regime of the then General Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR. I concluded by calling on government to to revisit the river basin schemes in order to improve agricultural fortunes of Nigeria.

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Nigeria and Economic Recession: Way out (Revival of Agriculture) (4)

LAST week I stated how over reliance on oil revenue by successive Nigerian governments had contributed to the current economic crisis in the country. I highlighted how Nigeria had failed to prepare adequately for the slump in the price of crude oil despite the fact that similar slumps had occurred in the past and how despite the warning signs, the country had undertaken measures such as creation of more states all of which have contributed to the present state of the economy

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