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Centenary awards boycott: Sadiq Abacha replies Wole Soyinka

An open letter supposedly written by Sadiq Sani Abacha and shared by his sister Gumsu Sani Abacha on her Facebook wall in response to Professor Wole Soyinka’s remarks that it was an insult to share an award with their father Sani Abacha at the just concluded Centenary celebrations.

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Open letter to my compatriots, by Odusanya

In this season of open letters I have deemed it necessary to add an addendum to my original open letter. It should be noted that we actually let the cat out of the bag with an open letter written to the National Assembly on the platform of our social crusader group known as Leadership Rescue Initiative. Our open letter was titled THE ATROCITIES OF OBASANJO ERA dated 8th April 2013. We took this matter further on an international sensitization tour in April 20 and appeared on live TV programmes in New York and other fora across the globe.

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Open letter to President Jonathan, by citizen Balogun

I am writing on behalf of the deprived, dehumanized, hapless and traumatized poor people of Nigeria to express to you their disgruntled impressions about your government. Sir, your (s)election or ascendancy to the presidency of a castrated nation was by providence. Personally, I believe you ought to pounce on that privilege to make history. It has been argued as well in some quarters that you are a child of circumstances; that your political and academic nomenclatures do not commensurate with the mundane position you currently hold. I stand to disagree with your critics including this writer that nothing good can come out of your government. I strongly believe you still have ample time to act presidential. History of the world is very repetitious. And history taught us that good things evolve from least expected situation and circumstances. The events of the past few months are litmus tests that the country under your closed watch and power is under attack and on the brink of disaster.

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Season of open letters: Send your letters to Vanguard

It is the season of open letters! Whether by accident or design, former President Obasanjo’s letter got into public domain. Since then a flurry of open letters have followed in quick succession: Iyabo Obasanjo’s letter to her father; Jonathan’s reply to Obasanjo, former Senate President, Ameh Ebute’s letter to Obasanjo and Chief Edwin Clark’s latest missive to the retired general.

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