June 24, 2024

Taylor Swift swallows bug during London Eras show

Taylor Swift swallows bug during London Eras show

Taylor Swift has swallowed another bug onstage in London.

The 34-year-old pop superstar, known for occasionally ingesting bugs during outdoor performances, experienced this mishap again at her third ‘Eras Tour’ concert at Wembley Stadium on Sunday (June 23, 2024).

It happened while she was performing the 10-minute version of “All Too Well.”

As she sang the line, “And forget why I needed to,” she paused and told the audience, “I swallowed a bug, can you sing?” The crowd of Swifties responded enthusiastically, helping her through the moment.

Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, also 34, made a surprise appearance at the London show.

This incident follows a similar one during a recent concert in Chicago, Illinois, where Taylor abruptly stopped her set, turned her back to the audience due to a coughing fit, and later explained, “I swallowed a bug. I’m so sorry … [I’m] totally fine … It’s just dumb. It’s so stupid.” She then joked, “Oh, delicious. Is there any chance that none of you saw that? It’s fine. I’ve swallowed it.”

Taylor Swift added humorously, “This is going to happen again tonight. There are so many bugs. There are a thousand of them. So, I’m just going to try to not do as many of those.” Taylor managed to regain her singing voice and continue the Chicago show without further insect-related issues.

The bug incident followed a technical mishap earlier in the evening when her microphone failed as she started her song “Lover.” Taylor quickly swapped the faulty equipment and, laughing with the audience, said, “All right, guys, let’s start this over again. None of that happened … Let’s take a second in our memories, rewind ’em back, none of that happened. We’re back to 36 seconds ago.”

The extensive ‘Eras’ tour is set to resume on June 28 in Dublin, Ireland.

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