June 7, 2024

Dear Bunmi, am I too old for him? 

Dear Bunmi, am I too old for him? 

Dear Bunmi, a few weeks back, I ran into this man at a wedding reception. It was just after I ended a terrible relationship that left me really heartbroken. We exchanged cards.

He looked terribly younger wearing casual clothes, when he called, than when he was in Agbada at the wedding where we met.

I had to ask how old he was. He said he was 29, and I’m 42!

When I told him he was too young, he said it didn’t bother him. My friends believe I should take it as a compliment that someone that young finds me attractive.

Dear Bunmi, should I go for it?

Lade, by e-mail.

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Dear Lade,

I agree with your friends … take this as a compliment and enjoy it thoroughly. 

But it would be foolish to fall head-over-heels for this young man, or expect a long-term commitment. 

This is almost certainly not something that is going to last. It is a fun fling to get you your confidence back after the break-up. 

See it as that and you’ll be fine. Get serious and you’re heading for another heartbreak.

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