April 24, 2024

Dear Bunmi, Mom is having affair with younger colleague

Dear Bunmi, Mom is having affair with younger colleague

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Dear Bunmi, I recently discovered that my mom is having an affair behind our dad’s back

I am 27 and live at home. She left her Facebook logged onto my computer and I found racy messages between her and a younger man who works in the same office as hers.

Dear Bunmi, I confronted her and she confessed. But she made me swear not to tell my dad.

I feel my dad has a right to know so he could put a stop to it, but I know that if he does find out, it would break up the family.

I can’t trust my mom anymore. This discovery is making me really miserable.  What should I do?

Gemma, by e-mail.

Dear Gemma,

It’s unfortunate that you’ve been put in this difficult position.

But as painful as it is, your parents’ marriage is not your responsibility.

This may sound harsh, but the way you found out about this affair was also breaking trust, as you had no excuse prying into her private chats.

It’s a big burden you’re carrying, but you need to share your feelings with a couple of your trusted friends.

What your mom is up to is not unusual but it doesn’t make it right.

After you’ve cooled down a bit, talk it over with your mom and let her know you would be relieved if she could put a stop to the affair. 

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