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May 1, 2024

Embracing tech, innovative solutions, panacea to financial inclusion — Mgbechikwelu, Head, Coronation Registrar

Embracing tech, innovative solutions, panacea to financial inclusion — Mgbechikwelu, Head, Coronation Registrar

Ekene Mgbechikwelu

Ekene Mgbechikwelu is the Head of Innovations at Coronation Registrars Limited. She is our Boss Lady this week as she talks about how she has driven digital solutions at Coronation Registrars Limited to create a seamless and efficient investment ecosystem.

She also spoke about how she has employed her skills and expertise as a woman to navigate gender biases in a male-dominated environment.

Can you provide an overview of the innovative digital solutions developed by Coronation Registrars and their impact on investor relations?

Certainly. At Coronation Registrars, we have introduced innovative solutions such as ShareholderLive, IssuerLive, and our Equity-Based Crowdfunding platform.

These digital tools have revolutionized investor relations by providing seamless communication channels, enhancing shareholder engagement, and fostering transparency in corporate interactions.

How do these digital solutions align with Coronation Registrars’ broader strategic goals and vision for the future?

Our digital solutions are strategically aligned with Coronation Registrars’ mission to create a seamless and efficient investment ecosystem. By leveraging technology, we aim to enhance customer experience, drive operational efficiency, and ultimately contribute to the overall growth and success of the organisation.

As a female leader in the tech industry, what challenges have you faced, and how have you overcome them to drive innovation within Coronation Registrars?

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I have encountered various challenges, including gender biases and stereotypes. However, I have navigated these obstacles by leveraging my skills, expertise, and determination to drive innovation within Coronation Registrars.

Additionally, I have sought support from mentors and allies within the organisation to overcome challenges and achieve success.

How do you see the role of innovation in shaping the future of financial services, particularly in the African context?

Innovation plays a pivotal role in transforming the financial services landscape in Africa. By embracing technology and innovative solutions, we can overcome traditional barriers to financial inclusion, drive economic growth, and empower individuals and businesses across the continent to achieve their financial goals.

Can you share any success stories or case studies that highlight the impact of Coronation Registrars’ digital solutions on clients and stakeholders?

Absolutely! We have several success stories that demonstrate the tangible benefits of our digital solutions for clients and stakeholders. For example, our ShareholderLive platform has facilitated seamless communication between companies and their shareholders, resulting in increased engagement and trust. Similarly, our Equity-Based Crowdfunding platform has enabled startups and SMEs to access funding and grow their businesses.

How does Coronation Registrars prioritize data security and privacy in the development and implementation of its digital solutions?

Data security and privacy are paramount considerations in the development and implementation of our digital solutions. We adhere to industry best practices and regulatory standards to ensure the protection of sensitive information and maintain the trust of our clients and stakeholders.

What role does collaboration play in driving innovation within Coronation Registrars, both internally and externally?

Collaboration is essential to driving innovation within Coronation Registrars. Internally, we foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing among our teams, encouraging cross-functional cooperation and idea exchange. Externally, we collaborate with industry partners, technology vendors, and regulatory bodies to stay abreast of market trends and identify opportunities for innovation.

How does Coronation Registrars leverage customer feedback and market insights to continuously improve its digital solutions and services?

Customer feedback and market insights are invaluable sources of information that guide our product development and improvement efforts.

We actively solicit feedback from clients and stakeholders through surveys, focus groups, and user testing, and use this input to iterate on our digital solutions and enhance the overall customer experience.

In what ways does Coronation Registrars demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility through its digital initiatives?

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are core values at Coronation Registrars. In our digital initiatives, we prioritize the use of sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies to minimize our environmental footprint.

Additionally, we support initiatives that promote financial inclusion and empower underserved communities, aligning with our broader commitment to social responsibility.

Looking ahead, what are some of the emerging technologies or trends that Coronation Registrars is exploring to further drive innovation in the financial services sector?

At Coronation Registrars, we are constantly exploring emerging technologies and trends to stay ahead of the curve in the financial services sector.

Some areas of focus include blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which have the potential to revolutionize processes such as identity verification, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance.

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