May 26, 2024

Clark reiterates call for restructuring


Chief Edwin Clark

By Henry Umoru

AS he marks his 97 birthday yesterday,  former Federal Commissioner for  Information and South South Leader,  Chief Edwin Clark has reiterated his call for the restructuring of the country if the current security, socioeconomic and other challenges facing the country must be  nipped in the bud.

He called for a more united Nigeria where there would be more jobs created for the youths.

Speaking yesterday at his Asokoro Residence, 

Abuja during a church thanksgiving service held to mark his 97th birthday anniversary, Clark who expressed delight and happiness for God making him to  attain the age of 97, stressed that as the National Assembly reviews the 1999 Constitution, it was necessary to consider restructuring.

The Elderstatesman said, “This country must be restructured. President Bola Tinubu should face the political problem of this country for the development of all regions.

“This country has to be restructured so that everybody will be equal; so that every Nigerian can aspire to the position he wants to be.”

Clark who is the leader ofPan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF said, “I feel very happy; very much reassured about my own life. I feel very much fulfilled and I give thanks to Almighty God that I am 97.

“I appreciate those who are taking care of my welfare and my security. I thank Nigerians too

:Nigeria that we have today. We are divided, we are not equal. Jobs are been taken by those who think the country belongs to them. We are not united. There is no one country in this country now.

” When people are united, they believe they belong to one nation, they believe the country belongs to everybody and we are all equal. It is then we can say, let’s fight for independence but not today.

On assessment of Tinubu ‘s government,  Clark said, “It is too early to commend on the government of Tinubu because Buhari destroyed this country before he left. Nepotism, religion and corruption ruling this country.

“Whoever is the president of this country must realise he is Nigerian first.

“They are to see to the security and welfare of this country. Not to divide this. Not to feel that only his people are competent, others are not competent.

“Nigeria today is different. We don’t have a Nigeria that we should be proud. The Nigeria we had 1950 and 1966 is different completely.”

Earlier, Reverend Canon Bola Ogunyannwo, Assistant Priest of Saint James Anglican Church who  described the celebrant as an individual who has dedicated his life to serving God, said, “He is a very humble man who God has blessed to achieve a lot for our nation. Who has sponsored so many persons to rise to greater positions. Politically, he has done his bit.”

Ogunyannwo also said that so far, President Tinubu has achieved a lot with the signing of people-centred bills adding that a lot of other progress has been realised.