April 25, 2024

Expert shares tips on managing angry customers

angry customers

By Olayinka Ajayi

Seasoned customer service enthusiast and trainer, Omowunmi Akingbohungbe, has given employees, customer service officers, entrepreneurs, and organisational managers tips on how to manage angry clients.

Fielding questions during the launch of ‘Oops! The Client is Upset’, a book set to equip customer care officers on managing angry clients, the author of the book, Akingbohungbe said, “You will always have that encounter with someone upset for reasons that you’re responsible for and reasons that you’re not responsible for.

“Most times, it’s not about proving a point because you’re there for a purpose and a duty.

“Beyond rendering that service, also for yourself, it’s about being able to manage the situation in a way that does not affect your self-esteem and confidence.

“You can pass your message in a way that does not erode dignity or self-esteem, not only for your subordinates but for everybody around you,” she said.

She urged organisations to ensure that their employees are also trained on how to manage customers.

She cautioned against taking anything personal when addressing upset clients.

“To avoid taking things personally or getting offended, you need to “service your mind.”

“Prepare your mind to respond in a manner that heads toward resolution and does not make matters worse,” she said.