April 16, 2024

APC slams Fubara, says his integrity men are rabble-rousers


Gov. Fubara

*Slams Odili For Obtaining Perpetual Order To Hide From EFCC

*Reiterates Omehia Not Ex-Gov.

By Daniel Abia

In apparent response to the recent public declaration by the Rivers state Governor, Siminalayi Fubara that those standing with him were men of integrity, the state’s chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has countered that position.

APC also blamed elders of the state of beating drums of ethnic war in the state by virtue of their utterances which it described as “ant-rants, uncanny cacophony of war drums, uncouth throwbacks and official/unofficial threats that have doted the political hemisphere of Rivers State”.

A statement personally signed by the chairman of APC caretaker committee in Rivers state, Chief Tony Okocha on Tuesday, said Governor Fubara who ought to be the stabilizer and biggest beneficiary of decorum in the State that he was elected to govern, “is on the driver’s seat, in the ear-tingling toxic spews and exchanges that only show off Rivers State as a dead-end of development in the comity of States in Nigeria”.

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Okocha alleged that Governor Fubara was busy sponsoring some “known official warlords, whose activities destroyed even their immediate communities in recent past and ipso facto, ought to remain in their cocoon of shame and dishonour, are heavily emboldened, energized and funded to promote ethnic jingoism and chauvinism in Rivers State.

“Today, those rabble-rousers, freely feign sanctimonious and take the rostrum to speak as representatives of a sitting Governor Fubara. Have they not in their characteristic feature ostensibly commenced the drumming of war along ethnic divides? Have we not been reading the possible relapse to the hitherto degenerate and parochial Upland/Riverine dichotomy arguments?

“Rivers People wake up to hear the double-speaks of Elders they should look up to. They pontificate on positions publicly today because of “Bread and Butter” and tomorrow, the fear of dry “Feeding bottle”, make them shamelessly recant standing on same rostrum. I wonder what legacies they are bequeathing for their generation and worse still, posterity”.

The APC caretaker chairman said that Integrity is earned and not conferred. “Integrity is verifiable. It is not a gift of one to the other. Those who procured perpetual injunctions against the EFCC not to investigate their 8 years activities in the saddle of Rivers State Government? Can that pass monster as Integrity? (He was apparently referring to former Governor Peter Odili).

“Does Integrity exist in stashing away via donations of whooping sums of Rivers funds, for a selfish end in view? Can the Awarder of titles, himself, a tiro, count 5 outstanding developmental legacies of the Government of Rivers State between 1999~2007”.

 Okocha wondered the era when Rivers State began to witness criminalities in unprecedented disturbing commercial quantities, adding that without any reference to the law, the Governor Fubara re-announced Barr. Celestine Omehia as former Governor of Rivers State and committed to remunerate him accordingly, “when he knew that Omehia will fall by his own knife”.