January 26, 2024

Aborted 3-year voyage: Tourists call for probe

Aborted 3-year voyage: Tourists call for probe

*… some sold homes, businesses for payment

By Jimoh Babatunde

Unfulfilled Promise: A group of passengers who were supposed to go on a three-year voyage around the world with Life at Sea Cruises before it was cancelled two weeks before its departure, is now demanding a criminal probe into the company as customers say they’re desperately trying to claw back $16 million in refunds.

Voyagers were to see seven continents, visiting 140 countries. They would spend roughly 300 days at sea, 795 days at port and have 413 overnight port stays, Chief Operating Officer, Ethem Bayramoglu of Miray Cruises, the Turkish parent company of Life at Sea, said in that online session.

Along the way, they would explore wonders of the world, visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and have plentiful chances to go diving and snorkelling, the company said.

Two weeks before the ship’s departure, Miray Cruises, the company in charge of the cruise, ended up cancelling the entire voyage due to the lack of an available ship.

There had also been a prior postponement that led to the trip being scheduled to depart from Amsterdam on November 11, before it was moved back to November 30 in Turkey.

Some passengers reportedly only learned of the cancellation after arriving in Turkey.

The company offered to pay for flights and accommodation until December 1 for those left stranded in Istanbul, the cruise’s set-off point, without a home to go back to.

Some customers were reported to have sold their homes or businesses to take advantage of a rare opportunity to travel on the cruise with a 140-city itinerary, all the while potentially spending significantly less than what the average American household spends in a year.

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