March 5, 2023

KK Foundation partners Omnik for free medical outreach in Lagos community

<strong>KK </strong><strong>Foundation partners Omnik for free medical outreach in Lagos community</strong>

MEDICAL OUTREACH: Dental services going on during a medical outreach organised by Ask the Paediatricians Foundation, ATP, and Linking Hand Foundation, for less privileged children in Otodo-Gbame community .

By Gabriel Olawale

Kirti’s Kare Foundation, in collaboration with Omnik Limited, has offered free healthcare services to the people of Owode and its environment in the Agboyi-Ketu Local Council Development Area of Lagos State.

A wide range of health care services, such as blood pressure, hepatitis, and blood sugar, as well as free consultations, were offered, while people in need of artificial limbs were also attended to.

Speaking during the exercise, Founder Kirti’s Kare Foundation, Kirti Sudhanshu said as a Foundation, they support activities and initiatives that can promote human development, such as education, health, empowerment, and sport.

She hinted that the 2023 legacy project of the foundation, called ‘Customized Artificial Limb’ will soon kick off with a target of 5,000 beneficiaries.

“A lot of people have lost their leg or arm due to disease or accident; we are going to be providing them with free artificial limbs so that they can function properly.” Our target for this year is 5,000, but for the coming month, we are targeting 400.

Kirti said the expectation was 1,500 beneficiaries, but with people already on the ground they are going to surpass the figure, “What we observed is that a lot of people are not going for medical checkups due to financial challenges. Opportunities like this offer them hope and keep them alive.”

She said  the motivation to reach out to the indigent in Lagos was to express, “since we started our foundation in 2019, we have carried out a series of educational support, free medical support, empowerment initiatives, and sport activities across Lagos State.”

On his part, Managing Director of Omnik Limited, Harish Thavrani said that he has been in Nigeria for four decades, experiencing love and support from every Nigerian.

“So I see this medical outreach as a way of giving back to the society that has supported me a lot. In the next three months, we are going to be providing free artificial limbs to Nigerians who need them to function optimally.

“In the next six months, we are going to carry out free eye camps for people with eye problems.” About 20 doctors from India will be on-site to perform a series of eye operations. “Since we started the eye care initiative about 15 years ago in partnership with the Rotary Club and the KK Foundation, more than 11,000 people have benefitted.”

Appreciating the organizers on behalf of Agboyi-Ketu residents and its environment, the Chairman of Agboyi-Ketu LCDA, Mayor Dele Oshinowo commended Omnik Limited and the KK Foundation for the free health mission.

He appreciated them for organizing health outreach for the residents, among other things.

“They always support us with educational materials, training, and the empowerment of our people.” During COVID-19, they donated palliative care to the people of Agboyi-Ketu. “We appreciate all these gestures and promise to always ensure their smooth operation in our environment.”

Oshinowo however appealed to all the beneficiaries to comply with all the advice medical doctors gave them and also ensure they take their drugs as prescribed, “For those referrals to secondary hospitals for treatment, kindly make sure you go and access the care.”