February 13, 2023

‘Not all movie actresses are Ashawo,’ Uche Ogbodo cries out

‘Not all movie actresses are Ashawo,’ Uche Ogbodo cries out

By Precious Osadebe

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo has addressed the issue of actresses being questioned and shamed over their source of income.

Recall that actress Angela Okorie cautioned other female actors in the industry to desist from pretending that their luxurious lifestyles are due solely to their performances.

Angela talked about how many upcoming actresses, who have only been in five movies, flaunt their homes and credit the movie business for their expensive possessions.

Uche on Sunday posted a message to critics on her Instagram story, urging them to stop undervaluing all actresses.

She continued by saying that some of her coworkers would not consent to having sex with multiple men, because they would rather work hard for their source of income.

She further stated that some of them would even stay with their partner even if he was not financially stable, however, she urged people in her words to, “stop generalising and selling all actresses short,“

She said, “No, not every actress’ body, they struggle ooo.

“Actresses are like every woman in general. Some na Ashawo, while some believe in hard work and running different hustles.

“Even some are contractors who actually do major contracts in millions. Stop generalizing and selling all actresses short.

“Enough is enough.“

She added, “Some of us believe in staying with one man, dating one man alone for 5-10 years and being faithful to him alone, whether money does or money does not dey.

“While we keep working hard, because we no longer fit in the shame of our family.”