January 7, 2023

Why I married Holy Spirit — Ngozi Ihinegbu, Able  Mummy, UltimateLion of Africa

Ngozi Ihinegbu

•I started healing mad people at 9

By Evelyn Usman

Clad in a multicoloured flowing gown, she beamed with a contagious smile on sighting this reporter being led into her simple but tastefully furnished sitting room, by her Personal Assistant.

Some of her members who were around because of  Saturday Vanguard’s visit,  knelt down to greet her and at the same time chanted, ‘Able mummy, the ultimate, Lion of Africa’.

Self-acclaimed messenger of  Yahweh and  General Overseer of  The Congregation of Yahweh, Ngozi Ruth Ihinegbu, aka Lion of Africa, has succeeded in proving some doctors’ reports wrong, through her spiritual exploits of healing ailments that defied medical treatments.

Interestingly, she has been in the healing ministry for about five decades but chose not to go the televangelist way, as would have expected.

Not too long ago,  the mother of five who never attained Primary education but can read, write and fluently express herself in the English language,  declared that she was getting married to the Holy Spirit, a declaration that generated a heated debate among clergy men in Nigeria.

Saturday Vanguard got her contact through a Consultant Surgeon/Urologist, Dr Benjamin Onuekwusi, who attested to her miraculous exploits.

He recalled how he got news from his home town that his mother was mentally deranged, in 1991 and how he brought her to the Lagos State Teaching Hospital Psychiatric hospital, where she spent three months without any improvement.

He said his meeting with the servant of Yahweh did not only address the situation but also it disabused his earlier notion about spiritualism.  

Not only that, he said able’ mummy the ultimate ‘ further declared that his mother would live to be the oldest person in his home town, a declaration that came to pass, with his mother, not only being the oldest in his village but also in a good condition of health.

 In this interview, she revealed how she started healing at the age of two, her marriage to the  Holy Spirit and why many Christians are experiencing delays in having their expectations met.

Excerpts :

Gift from above

“ Since I was born, this is what I have been doing- healing!  I was born with the gift.  Yahweh (God) revealed to my father who was then at the Police College, Ikeja, Lagos, that his first child would be a prophet.

I call him Yahweh because that is his original name. Yeshua, whom you call Jesus, is the original name of the Messiah. I never went to school to learn how to call the names,  his angels taught me how to call the names.  By the way, the original name of angels is Malakeem, it is you  English people that call them angels.


My father wanted me to go to University and be speaking on television, being the firstborn. But when I started Primary school,  the spirit of Yeshua the messiah said I should not go to school so that I won’t subtract or add to what he would teach me.

 Malakeem said that he had seen prophets of this world who went to school to learn how to prophesy and how to heal, whereas the messiah himself, being the son of Yahweh, didn’t go to any school.

My father took me to Commercial school, yet,  I was warned not to go.  When I forced myself, all the machines I was using had problems.

  My father cried, he said I had disappointed him. I would always tell my father to see the angels around, that they were telling me not to go to school, that before I was conceived in my mother’s belle I was already ordained to be a prophet.


 But the confusion then, was the name, Yahweh, that  I was calling, while people were calling Jesus everywhere. My father felt I was a strange child because of that Yahweh. 

But I was assured by the angels as a kid that the name is Yahweh.

Then, he told me that spiritual things superseded the physical, that if  I  agreed to work for him, he would teach me many things  I did not know and that time would come when I would speak in public and people would marvel. Today, I can stand anywhere to speak and write.

The healing

I started healing at two years old. At nine,  I was healing mad people. Those days at Maroko (now Lekki), people thought something was wrong with me. When they brought mad people I would just breathe on them and they would regain sanity. Recently, I healed someone with a brain tumour.

 They told me that was how the Messiah healed.  But today, when some people want to heal they will push one down, or the person will be convulsing. Yahweh said it is fake. He said that is why he is using me to erupt his wonders. There is no sickness the spirit of Yeshua the Messiah cannot heal.

The warning

 I cannot come out and brag about what I do because he warned me not to tell people that I am a miracle worker. Rather, he said that beneficiaries of the miracles he performed through me,  would be the ones to speak for me.

He wanted me not to copy any doctrine from any church, and he would instruct me par time.

He also said whenever I would be going out,  I should not wear garments for people to notice me, but that I should dress normally, just like he did while he was on earth with his disciples when nobody knew him.  If I go outside and tell people I am a prophetess, they will never believe me.

Marriage with the Holy Spirit

 Before I answer this question on marriage to the Holy Spirit, I would like to sing a song Messiah himself said I should compose before the oath was to be taken. ‘I have given my life to Yeshua, Yeshua lives in my soul. I have given my life to my Yeshua, Yeshua lives in my soul. He cares for my life every day, I praise Yahweh. He has washed away all my sins, I am now a newborn ‘

My marriage to the Holy Spirit was an oath for me not to engage in fetish things or sacrifice.  That is why you can’t see any cross here. He said no sacrifice because he had finished everything on the tortured tree. The blood has set everybody free.

Before the marriage, I got a letter from heaven. That was when I came back from Abuja where I went to conduct healing on some prominent persons.

It was about 2 pm that day. As I was about to enter my house the letter was brought to me from above and it read ‘ it is time to separate from the physical man I gave to you ‘. He asked if I was ready, and I said yes.

 He said ‘go and take an oath’,  that if I engage in ways or fetish things, I would die with my family.

 He instructed that candles must not be found in my hand, as well pigeons and that I should not go to the sea in a bid to have population.

He said I should invite people to the wedding and I did. People came from all over Nigeria, including foreigners.  Then,  my church was situated at Okokomaiko.

 He said when the time for that oath would come, he would give me a sign with thunder.  I speak this before Yeshua the messiah, whose name can never be used in vain. He said  I would see a second sign of lightning, three times and that it would rain for 45 minutes around the church to seal the covenant and all these happened. 

After the wedding, we went to Eko Le Meridien for the reception. the whole place was jam-packed, they wanted to see the person that wedded the holy spirit.

A pastor said I would die in seven days for what I did, I said hallelujah. I said if I  was doing something evil then I would die.

The wedding with the Holy Spirit was an oath not to bow to graven images and not to add to the message Yahwe gave to me.

No death

Things about Yahweh are simple and his way is narrow, not wide. But if you watch what is happening in the world today,  you’ll see churches with populations everywhere yet people are dying. 

Before someone dies in my congregation,  he or she must have committed something.  I am not saying nobody will die but it is difficult before people die here.

 Last month he told me that some people were growing old, and very soon they will be going. I pleaded with him to let them stay because I needed them around. So, he instructed me to pray for their lives to be prolonged and I have done that.

Earthly husband’s reaction

 As a single lady,  I wanted to marry a rich and huge man.  But Yahweh said I should not choose, that he would choose for me. He said  I should not marry a big man, that if I did, he would prevent me from my service to humanity and would suspect I was going to meet men, whenever I told him I was going for a vigil.

He said he would give me a poor man so that the light on me would reflect on him (husband) He gave me a poor man. I didn’t like the man when I saw him at first.  But Yahweh said  I would have boys for me to know he sent him to me. The man took me the way I am. He said he had been praying for somebody that was spiritual.

But we had to separate because of the oath and I gave him permission to remarry. Before then, I built a house for him and ensured he was comfortable.

The name Lion of Africa

Some people call me the ultimate mummy because of the wonders Yahweh erupted through me. But that is not my name. 

The lion of Africa was a recent name given to me by  Yeshua the Messiah, out of his own kindness. Yeshua the Messiah sent one of his angels named  Andraiho, to me. He said, our father in heaven said he was pleased with what  I was doing and that because he is the Lion of Judah, I should bear the lion of Africa. He instructed me to write the name of the house I would build.

The most recent name he gave me was Haka Shuv Nabi, which means important prophet.


I  don’t use anything to pray except water and anointing oil. He brought me and my likes to the world to save people. There are people dying because they do not know me.

Sometimes I pray for Nigeria. Just recently, I was instructed to pray so that there won’t be war in Nigeria.    This week, I was given another assignment to pray that there won’t be a bloody situation. And that is what I am doing.

Those killings are not just  Boko Haram. In the Imo state, for instance, people that hate their people are only hijacking the opportunity to kill. So, it is the only prayer that can subdue the killings.

Can I tell you something,  our leaders are greedy and  Yahweh is not happy with what is happening.

His people are gnashing teeth.  What we are praying for now, is that our father Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel of Nazareth should please help us to choose a leader, a candidate that will solve the problem of Nigeria.


 Indeed there is time for everything.  After work,  I relax by  watching  television, I communicate with people

Ministry and child upbringing

 When  I started having children it was tough.  All I have to say is that I  love this work of Yahweh and I have given myself to it. As for marriage, he gave me a husband just to have children, so that people don’t mock me as a childless woman.

Women in Ministry

Before now some churches never allowed women to preach. But they are allowing them now.

Yahweh chooses whoever he desires.  No one dictates to him.  Was Deborah in the bible, not a woman?  Whatever he ordains to be, no man can alter. He came to me and knew I was going to do it well. Gender does not mean anything in Yahweh’s business.