January 17, 2023

First Metaverse Eco-Forum starts new era of sustainable projects – Satori-Me CEO, Maria Ivina

First Metaverse Eco-Forum starts new era of sustainable projects – Satori-Me CEO, Maria Ivina

On November 11, 2022 the Satori-Me company held an eco and sustainability forum in the metaverse. It is the first large-scale eco event organized in a high-technological format. The event’s main goal was to solve various environmental problems and stop the global planetary crisis.

At the forum, speakers and participants analyzed the issue of the combination “Human and

Nature” as a prime mover, commented on WEB 3.0 as a technology to connect people and

lead them to the green stage of development, and, finally, discussed green technologies which help us meet the upcoming challenges. One of the crucial ideas at the forum was shaking up society with\ ecological thinking, consumption, sustainable approaches, and so on.

The Forum started with the opening speech by Maria Ivina, founder of the Satori-Me company. Then the Eco Forum speakers took the floor. All the speakers are closely related to technologies, art, sustainability and eco-activities. Among them were Olska Green (Founder of sustainable fashion brand Ecoolska), Aleksandra Marić (Founder at Amaze&Co, Sustainability Activist & Metaverse Strategist), Mikhail Tkachev (Founder of the #ECOMISSION project) and others.

According to Ivina, Satori-Me decided to hold Eco Forum in Metaverse not by chance: the growing interest in new WEB3.0 technologies can help draw people’s attention to eco problems. For instance, the metaverse technologies will assist in creating platforms and communities of eco-activists and people who want to become more conscious. Besides, people can organize exhibitions, conferences and meetings in the metaverse using digital art to highlight environmental issues.

“Meta Eco Forum is a platform to match those who generate great ideas and those who are ready to provide them with financial support. We have seen numerous ready-made solutions aiming to decrease human impact on the environment and preserve our planet. Each participant made a significant effort to prepare working business plans and create eco projects.

“I’m proud of everyone who was with us and helped us realize such a fantastic event. I hope it

will be only the beginning of our close cooperation and improving the world. So, no goodbyes — soon we will present a new incredible art project, and I promise it will be totally mind-blowing!” says Maria Ivina, Founder of Satori-Me

The concept of Satori-Me means an intuitive insight into the nature of things. It opposes the logic and analytics of the mind. Yoga practice, life experience and love for art and our planet became the pillars of such a unique project. Due to Satori’s practice, it is not necessary to meditate in a monastery for ten years — it’s enough to start with yourself and your day-to-day life.

The Satori-Me is a synergy of ecology, art, new technologies, experience and worldview. Only an integrated approach to environmental agendas and tasks can have the potential to be as effective as possible. The primary mission is to share knowledge, and experience and, of course, encourage

awareness and responsibility of our human footprint on planet Earth.

The Satori-Me approach shows that life is multifaceted. Therefore, all changes must start

with a particular person. People can achieve good results only with a multidimensional approach to thinking and living.