November 10, 2022

Rema ‘collapses’ on stage during UK concert

Rema ‘collapses’ on stage during UK concert
By Ada Osadebe

Nigerian musician, Divine ‘Rema’ Ikubor, terrified his fans in the UK after he ‘collapsed’ on stage during a recent performance at the O2 Brixton.


In a viral video, Rema was seen performing during his ‘Rave and Rose’ world tour, where he sold out a two-day concert at the 4,921-capacity O2 Brixton Academy Arena, yesterday.

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Then, all of a sudden, he dropped to the floor, pretending to have passed out.

The rescue team took him away from the stage, while they tried to stabilise him.

However, the singer returned a few seconds later, jumping back on stage to perform his hit song, ‘Woman’.

A tweep reacted by saying if a real emergency happens, people will think it’s a prank, while others urge the singer to rest more situations like this.

iam_kelvinossai said: “People should not be pranking with things like this. No one will know when the real emergency happens.
“CPR should be initiated within minutes of a collapse if no pulse is felt… and if people think it’s a prank and let him be… hmmmm.”

Seybyth: “Stop artiste slavery… stop overworking artiste. na human them be (they are humans).. give them some rest.. carry other artiste join… but una go dey do only my circle only our circle (stop working by cliques).”

__thegoodman: “U know say as dem famous na steady drugs and hard tins dey enter the blood! (They are on drugs).

“The number one thing that can end a man’s life is when you decide to run after money without resting! Show to show, events to events. Money growing in the aza but you dey go small small (savings increasing while your health is decreasing).

“Secondly, if you dey do drugs! All dis things na one body! Make una dey sorry for the body self (Have mercy on your body).

hubertson__ said: “Lol internet is always misleading with half videos. Now everyone in the comment thought it was real.

“He stood up and ran to the stage and continued performing, if you saw the complete video. He’s very fine and sound it was all acting.”