I’ve been involved with my current boyfriend for years. He was such a charming and generous man that I didn’t hesitate giving him the key to my flat.

Then he started dabbling into drugs and things have taken a dramatic turn.

A few months back, he borrowed a digital camera but said it was stolen. Then he came to the flat to remove the television set and video recorder.

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Since then, he’d ‘borrowed’ a few things I haven’t seen and the last straw was when an expensive gold bracelet got missing.

I’m sure he must have flung some of my things to pay for his drug habit.

In the past, I’ve parted with large sums of money whenever he promised to change.

But as things are, he is on the path of destruction – running up debts he has no means of paying, only to be back full of tears and apologies and making false promises that it won’t happen again.

I’m really fed up with him, but don’t know what to do next.

Vanessa, by e-mail.

Dear Vanessa,

For as long as you continue to bail out this man of yours, either willingly or unwillingly, he’ll have no incentive to address his problem.

You’ve given him more than enough chances and he’s not only blown them, he’s become a lying thief.

Your only chance of a peace of mind is to change the locks of your flat and let your neighbours know he’s out of your life. 

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