Bishop Charles and Rev Carol Ighele

Reverend Carol Ighele is the Convener of ‘When Mama Prays International Initiative’. The women-focused group has branches all over the world. She the wife of Bishop Charles Ighele, General Superintendent, Lagos-based Holy Spirit Mission Church (The Happy Family Chapel).  In this interview, motherly cleric speaks about the annual “Mama Prays”, the international convention, its relevance to motherhood, nationhood and breeding better children to rescue the country.

How did you birth “Mama Prays”?

About 20 years, I was praying and the Lord told me to raise an army of women; ladies that are 15 years and above. And these army of women will intercede for their husbands, children and for their natural abilities so they can rise to the top.

There is one thing that is common to the women. When the devil strikes, when he strikes somebody’s husband, the woman is in trouble. If the devil strikes children, she is in trouble. Or strike her abilities or business, she’s in trouble.

So we organise this programme once every month; the second Saturday of every month and we intercede for our husbands, children and our abilities.

There is so much coming: deliverance, healing, fruit of the womb; everything that has to do with a woman. You know, when God created the female, when a female is born, she is born with eggs, over 3,000 eggs.

God has given her a definite assignment that she has to do and that assignment is for procreation and then to raise up Godly generation.

Tell us about ‘When Mama Prays’

So we organise ‘When Mama Prays’ every second Saturday of the month. But in August, it’s the third Saturday and it’s our International Conference, where everybody comes from America, Australia, all over the world to just gather for that conference.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Rise Up’ and it’s gotten from Romans 8:11: “If the spirit that raised JESUS up from the dead dwell in you, that spirit that raised up Jesus will quicken your mortal body through the spirit that dwells in you.”

How important is the topic? I mean looking at the economy, looking at Nigeria as it is, even the world at large, why should Mama Pray?

It is the most important topic for now as I can say. You’ve all heard of the global recession, the famine that is coming like in the days of Pharaoh, if not worse. It has started in Europe, it is happening in Nigeria, it’s going to be more severe.

There is the need for the woman to take her position economically, financially and spiritually. She has to intercede for her children so they don’t get lost or astray. They are looking for money, follow men, and ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ is all over the place.

We need to call our children back spiritually. We need the power in us to be activated, to work, so the mama must rise up; she cannot sleep.

Is there a political angle to it?

The Bible says, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem so that you will have peace in your time”. So, we do not want our children to go to war and we don’t want our daughters to be raped, which is happening in Nigeria.

You go to the farm; a woman of 70 years is being raped. We need to rise up and pray, we need to stop the tide of the devil; the devil has opened a book on Nigeria; ready to destroy, strange doctrines, strange things are happening. Our sons are being slaughtered, ritual killings, people are getting lost.

Some young boys have gone spiritual and they are using Yahoo. A young girl of 12 sleeps with someone and goes mental because somebody wants to be rich. No, we don’t want that. Recently, in Benin, they discovered 70 mummified bodies. There were men and women, youths and children.

Those men belong to some women. They are husbands, fathers; the youths are some women’s children. Those little children that know nothing.

Is the place of the woman just in the spiritual, praying alone? Does a woman have no place in political decisions?

Rising up is in all aspects. The women are more straightforward, not too into those negative things and are good leaders, if they are well brought up. They have leadership abilities.

So ‘When Mama Prays’ needs political leaders. They will want women that will be governors, that would give birth to presidents. We have a slogan — “When Mama Prays, something good happens”. So we want our sons and daughters to be at Aso Rock.

So how many Mamas were at the programme?

Physically present, we had over 1,200 women. But many more watched from all over the world online.

Apart from prayer, are there other things women do at the event?

We were not just there to pray. We had two break-out sessions. At these break-out sessions, we discussed business. How do you want to rise up without money? You need cash. You’re the mama that is praying.

Money gives power. And it is God that gives you power to get wealth. So we had Lagos Business Housewife. She’s so popular among the women. She has about 134,000 followers. She taught them how to cook online.

We had another person teach ‘What business can I start?’ We had another person teaching on ‘multitasking’. We also had another woman, a top banker, teaching on ‘How do we access loans?’ So it was touching all aspects of life.

You don’t just pray when you need to pay your landlord. You don’t speak in tongues, you bring out his money. Hallelujah. When your son needs an operation, you bring out the money to pay the doctor. So we must be financially empowered.

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