August 15, 2022

I started my farm  business from the polytechnic – Bolarinwa Kashif O.

I started my farm  business from the polytechnic – Bolarinwa Kashif O.

Bolarinwa Kashif O is the rallying point of many heart-warming ideas. And wherever you find him, you are likely to see some of the brightest minds of our generation.
Kashif who is better known as Mr Fly is the CEO of Fly and Fly Multi Company. The Fly and Fly Multi Company has a gym business called Fly Fitness Factory co-owned by  Akanni Grace O who is better known as Motara.

He also runs a restaurant, a real estate firm, a luxury store, a farm, amongst others.nBolarinwa Kashif has captured the hearts and imagination of many with his innovative approach to doing business and unrivalled work ethic. This is evident in the way he runs the companies he oversees from Fly Homes to Fly Exotic Farms to Fly Luxury Store, Fly Healthy Radiance amongst others.

Bolarinwa has done too many things to convince all that he has the can-do magic wand. Courted by dreamers who are eager for a breakthrough, Kashif is never tired of supporting the youths who are the future of this country. This is evident in his philanthropic work which he does mostly during Ramadan in conjunction with his wife Bolarinwa Haishah O who is better known as Nana/Mrs Fly.The duo gives money to Muslims usually throughout the fasting period. The Quantity Survey graduate of The Polytechnic Ibadan at his gym offers free yoga classes for pregnant women to assist them with stress less delivery. Kashif’s vision  of generational wealth has made him an ardent proponent of financial freedom, empowering others through his business platforms.

Bolarinwa Kashif O

Did anything in your childhood prepare you for what you do now?

I used to visualise myself being rich and living upstairs like my two grandpas, so I just stayed up watching my kids and friends play football the same way my dad do watch me and my siblings play.

What made you start the Fly multi company, what’s the inspiration behind it?

I was raised with a Silver spoon, then life happened to my parents, they lost it. So, I picked the lesson that one is never enough. I mean one source of income. Hence, I settled for a multi company, because I need various sources of income.

Tell us more about your exotic farm and its impact since you started

I started the exotic farm while I was in HND 2 at the polytechnic Ibadan because right from my jss class, i used to rear goats which i resell both the goat and the kids then in my sss class, i rear ram and sell during ileya. With an acre of land I was able to purchase from my photocopy and project business on campus back then. We started with maize, cassava, ewedu, vegetables then, before we moved to livestock and it’s been a blessing of business cause I can say I own alot of acres of land from the business now.

How has the business thrived since you started?

Been swimming with the sharks. We are thriving and breaking boundaries.

You run your amazing businesses with your wife, how do you combine managing the home and your business, and what would you say has kept your marriage this far?

She is an accountant; her focus is to manage them. I am an entrepreneur; my focus is to bring more businesses up, that way we are both winning. “Women are like fruits, men love fruit salad.” She is a fruit salad. She can pop up however I want it, that’s a woman I should never lose.

What inspired you to diversify into the fitness sector?

Many people with money are not taking this route, and I always prefer the route less taken. You know if everybody is digging for gold, you best be selling diggers. You’d make it faster that way. Although, Generally, I love to look after people, which makes it easier to jump into.

You give free yoga classes to pregnant women at your gym, did anything inspire this move?

We want to give back to society in our own way too, we aren’t in the business just to make money, we want to touch lives and make an impact.

You are also a philanthropist, many attest to the way you support folks on Twitter, especially Muslims during Ramadan, what informed your decision?

Yoruba say wet the ground, so you can step on a comfortable floor. So, I love to wet my ground in God’s presence, so he can allow me to step on the accommodating floor.

You wear many hats, from media to running your company, how do you unwind?

Unwind? At this age? I will do that when I am 40 Insha Allah. For now, I am steadily doing double shifts.

Mention 3 men who inspire you and why?

My unborn great grand kids, because I want them to know my name. I want them to know who I was.

My parents – I learned from their mistakes.

MeekMill – He made it from nothing.

What can we do as a society to support the youths presently at home due to the ASUU strike?

Encourage them to learn from the street, learn a skill, master a skill or look for other opportunities that will make them useful while they wait for the Government to do the needful.

If there is one thing you could change in Nigeria to alleviate the pain of the masses, what would it be?

Be closer to the masses. I am sure, I am soft hearted, so being closer to them will help me work to ease their pains.

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