August 24, 2022

Gerocare seeks improved care for elderly

Gerocare seeks improved care for elderly

By Chioma Obinna

Irked by the rising incidences of stroke among the elderly and the fact that they have long been marginalised, a health-tech company, Gerocare, has called for improved preventive care for the elderly.

Making the call during a virtual press conference to herald its 5th anniversary billed to begin September 2, 2022, the Founder of Gerocare, Dr Ebi Ofrey traced the high burden of preventable diseases and deaths among the elderly to lack of access to geriatric care.

Ofrey said geriatric has been inaccessible to many elderly persons in Nigeria leading to deteriorating health conditions and untimely deaths.

“Elderly persons in Nigeria are losing their lives to various non-communicable diseases. To bridge these health service gaps, Gerocare was formed to provide regular physician home visits for the elderly to prevent deterioration in their health, maintain a healthy state, and improve their quality of life.

“We do this by identifying and managing their health conditions in a timely manner thereby not only improving their quality of life but also ensuring peace of mind for both the elderly and their loved ones.

“Your parents deserve long, fruitful and healthy years in their old age, no matter the village your aged parent lives in, Gerocare will get to them.”

Ofrey disclosed that since its inception the organisation had impacted over 115, 000 users and won various international awards including the World Health Organisation Top 30 Africa Health Innovation Award.

“The key milestone for us is not the award but every single person that we’ve impacted and prevented from having a stroke or heart attack,” he said.

Speaking, Founder, Gerocare, Dr Ajibola Meraiyebu, said subscribers on the company’s platform receive regular and detailed updates on their health status, steps to prevent illnesses and efficient ways to manage their health conditions.

Meraiyebu noted that the company was working on expanding its footprint to reach more underserved persons and extend its service beyond Nigeria to Ethiopia and South Africa.

He said that Gerocare is promoting preventive healthcare through health education and care that reminds the elderly that they are loved and their well-being is important to their loved ones.

Speaking on the Anniversary, Meraiyebu said that the planned activities reflect the company’s slogan of “Care for life.”

Meraiyebu said that the anniversary activities which would start on Aug. 29 to Sept. 2 would feature a health walk, dance for wellness, health talk, and social networking among others.