Can we ever become lovers?

Knowing your partner is in the mood for love, says an expert, can be as 

tricky as mind-reading or as easy as ABC, as long as you can crack the love-codes.  Many couples who have been with one another a long time will use their own very personal signals to let each other know when ‘tonights’ the night.’  Here are some of the signals experienced by a few couples:  “When my wife strips down to nothing but her necklace, I know she’s feeling randy.  If she takes her necklace off before bed, I know sex might be off as well.”

“I wear the flimsy night dress he loves to see me in, and let him watch as I squirt perfume behind my ears and my knees.  My husband takes his clothes’ off then wanders round singing.  “I’m in the nude for love.”  When my wife wears a dress zipped up front or back, I know my chances of hooking her are high.  If she’s in Jeans and sweater, it’s not promising.”

If my husband shaves at night instead of in the morning, I know he’s got his mind on fun and games at bedtime.  In case I haven’t noticed, he sometimes takes my hand, places it on his cheek and says, “smooth as a baby’s bottom.” If he leaves the landing light on when we go to bed, I know he’s in the mood because he likes to see what he’s doing.  We don’t like to make love with the bright bed room light on?  “She takes her shoes off and walks around barefoot on the toes.  Then she sits near me and rests her feet on my knees, so I can massage them.  That’s her signal.  She’s ready and willing.”

“When he suggests we take our night cap up to bed after a goo dinner, I know what’s coming.”  “When I get home from work; and notice the lights in the sitting room are dimmed and the curtains closed, I know my wife’s setting the scene for sex.  She’ll have prepared a meal we can eat with our fingers, have a bottle of wine chilled and the kids out of harm’s way….”

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