Mr Peters Omaruaye, who hails from Gbaregolor, Ughelli South local government area of Delta state, is the  Delta Central Senatorial Candidate of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA.

In this interview, Mr Omaruaye spoke extensively on his aspiration to represent the good people of Delta Central and of course to give them quality and equal representation at the red chambers  of the national assembly if given the mandate.


What can you tell us informed your decision to contest for the Delta Central Senatorial districts? 

Well in politics, when you are vying for a certain position, you should know that the essence is to come and serve your people, most importantly to give them quality representation. 

Making them have that sense of belonging that they have somebody out there who can bring dividends of democracy to their door steps through legislative means. 

There is also what you call time and chance. I think in the last twenty years there has  never been a time in the political dispensation where my people have  not come to ask that I   run for an elective position. 

Before now, all our energy was geared  towards  starting from the Executive arm of government and my aspirations for Delta state has always been in line with  Chief Great Ogboru’s aspiration, so its been about supporting that vision  for a better  Delta State driven from the Executive. 

In the coming 2023 general elections, there are a lot out there believing  Ogboru political family may not have the position we have been  aspiring for over the years not because we have not won it, but there has  been conspiracy a  against us,  we all know we have won it severally, indeed a lot of persons  have won several seats from the Delta State House of Assembly to Senate, and l know Deltans and Nigerians can testify to it.

So, at this point in time I also thought that it is time for us who have been in the forefront of the struggle for better Delta state to come out and take up some of these elective positions and more importantly this is the time God has approved for me to go. 

Nigeria elections have always been characterised with rigging and other fraudulent act, so what is giving you the confidence that this election will be free and fair? 

Well, in the first instance we have won elections not once or twice, from house of assembly, house of representatives and senate. ofcourse you know from the last ten  to twelve years the Delta Central Senatorial seat has  been occupied by DPP , L.P  and now APC through the leadership of Chief Great Ogboru political family. So we have always been very popular in the grassroots, only that in the governorship, they have always denied us, which you know Deltans are aware of it 

Now, if you follow the trend of elections in this country even more recently, the Ekiti state governorship election, you will see that as against  the past where people just sit and write results. Now you will  have to have the people, and be popular before you can win elections this is now more magnified  because 

of this new electoral act.

In the past INEC had tried to better the system but they couldn’t have their way because of the electoral act. Previously we used the card reader in the last two elections in the state and we won  those elections going by the revelation of the card reader reports   but because we didn’t have the legislation to support it, it was thrown out in the  courts .

But now with the new electoral act and the additional technology of BVAS which is bimodal in operation, we are sure of winning , unlike in the past  when people say if you can not vote  with the card reader , you use incident form this situation cannot arise anymore ,  So now you must be a popular candidate and you all know that we are the most popular in the state. 

We have seen that with this new electoral law, rigging would have been reduced drastically but the major concern is this vote buying, don’t you think it will still affect the 2023 elections?

The issue of vote buying and outright writing of results have been there over the years. But the question is how many votes  can you buy to win an election? For instance the just concluded Ekiti state elections the total number of registered voters was about 900 000, those who collected PVC was about 700 000, then the Valid Votes of total parties was less than 400,000 .

Ekiti state is not a big state compared to Delta State. But even at that what it means is that if you want to buy votes, how much votes are you going to buy? without have the grassroots. 

So what I know is that we are popular and our  votes  will stand. 

You see what happened  in Edo State  governorship  election before , so its getting better by day and the better they are the better for us because we are popular.

So what are the areas your are looking at to address when you become the Senator representing Delta Central? 

Yes, we have had several senators from Delta Central and they have tried but you see the structure of Nigeria today is such that every region must have to take from the federal government. 

As a Serving senator, you must seat down and have alliances  with other of your colleagues, negotiate for your people, work on whatever you have on ground. Delta Central for instance were you have eight local government, I am aware that a lot of the things that came in from the federal government to Delta Central  seem to be concetrated in only one local government, so what is the equity there? 

I am from Ughelli South but l have to attract development equitably to the whole local government areas of Delta Central because we can’t concentrate in one place, we must ensure that whatever comes to Delta Central must be shared among the eight local government. 

So that is going to be the ground on which we are going to drive the processes. There is also a   huge youth  energy in this country today  that energy I also  will bring to the table.

There are views that APGA may not have the structure that PDP and APC has for the 2023 elections, what is your take? 

This is based on a wrong perception. What is structure? Structure is made up of people. You can’t be popular if you don’t have the numbers. 

if you  follow  what is happening in Delta State APGA in the past three months in , and you are honest to your self, you will attest to the fact that since we took over APGA it has been something else. First and foremost we have done it in AD, DPP, LP and then what you have in APC today is our strength which we is  moving 

APC  Delta state will soon become carcass as our people  move enmasse  to APGA. What has happened in APGA in the last three months is  like a revolution, if you don’t have the people there is no way you can,  have 29 house of Assembly seats in Delta, 10 Federal constituency , three Senate, and the governorship candidates clearly beating the INEC deadline 

So if you don’t have the people, and  you are not popular, you can’t turn things around in such a short time. 

So when you talk about structure, its about the people, we have the people in and outside the party. The Delta APGA governorship primaries which was a delegate election was supposed to be about eight hundred plus  delegates but it was a mammount crowd at PTI and we had a herculean task ensuring that only the delegates got into the hall 

The delegates were there but the number of people that came was unimaginable. So we have the people and we have the structure and the good will of the people is overwhelming. 

Let me tell you something; you cannot take God’s blessing from the people, we have that blessing and you can’t take it from us. 

You happen to have two major opponents to contend with in APC, Chief Ede Dafinone and Chief Ighoyota Amori of PDP in the senatorial election, how do you intend to battle both? 

Okay, both of them are sons of Urhobo nation, I think every son of Urhobo above the age of 35years is qualified to contest the senate position but election is about popularity, it is about your connection with the masses. Everything about Great Ogboru’s political family is the masses. 

It hasn’t been about ourselves but about what better deal  we can  get for the Masses in Delta State. 

So the combination of the popularity and the ability to cut across the elites with the means of BVAS and backing of of the masses that vote will count, has left a lot of people with the hope that all will be well come 2023 general elections.

We have won Delta Central back to back in the last 16years. We won it with DPP with late Sen. Pius Ehwerido, then Chief Ede Dafinone came in as the flag bearer during the bye election but we lost. Then Ovie Omo-Agege came and we won in Labour Party and had won again in APC running his second tenure. So its about the masses and we have the masses behind us and they also know. 

Finally, your message to Delta Central? 

Says, for those of you who haven’t registered should go and register for your PVC. People have been disapponted because over the years they have voted and their votes didn’t count. 

But things have changed now, the country has changed, elections in this country has changed. 

People are going to vote and their votes are going to count. 

So for those of you who haven’t registered, please go and register. I understand that INEC has extended the registration time, so please go and register and then come out to vote because this time, your votes will count.

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