May 31, 2022

Supporting the less privilege brings me delight – Valhalla

Supporting the less privilege brings me delight – Valhalla

Chairman and founder of a Non-Governmental Organization, Still I Rise Foundation, Chiedu Patrick, who is popularly known as Valhalla has revealed that he derives joy in assisting the less privileged in the country.

The philanthropist stated that he will continue to provide humanitarian aid to people facing difficult life circumstances for as long as he lives.

Valhala made this known yesterday when speaking with our reporter in Lagos.

He said: “It gives me joy helping the less privileged. Pure unadulterated joy. There is this satisfaction that comes from helping people who are in need. That someone approached you or the foundation and they go back home with their problems solved.

“The mere fact that they can confide in you, share with you their challenges and you are given the power to assist them, to give them hope. I have not seen a greater joy. This is why I thank God every day for giving me this privilege to help these people and as long as am alive, I will continue to help them,” he said.

He added: Another thing that keeps us moving is that we love to see the smiles on the faces of people after they have been helped by the foundation. I think the thought of it alone is enough for us,”

Valhalla also praised those who support and contribute to the growth and development of the foundation.

“I have an amazing team who keeps the foundation running always. These are young creatives who are natural givers, they aren’t afraid to take charge. They are constantly coming up with ways we can touch more lives and organize more outreach programs for the less privileged amongst us. The success of the foundation cannot be discussed without acknowledging the constant drive and support toward the growth and development of the foundation.

“These people put in effort daily to make sure the foundation caters to more people. They strive day and night to make sure still I rise Foundation is the model non-governmental organization it is today. We also have our esteemed volunteers from all over Nigeria who are called from time to time to assist the team and the foundation in solving problems that are outside Abuja where the physical office is situated,”

Speaking on the future of the foundation, the business development manager appealed to well-intentioned Nigerians to partner with them to execute some projects that will benefit the needy.

“I would like to see the foundation grow to a standard where millions of people would be empowered, sheltered and supported yearly. The aim is to do more, give more. There are so many people who are in need, and the foundation has only been around for two years with over 1,500 people who have benefited from the foundation.

“Though we can’t help everyone but we would like to get more hands-on deck. My team and I, cannot do this on our own. We need more generous and charitable individuals and organizations to partner with us, and sponsor some of these projects so people can without worry, get access to basic needs. Join us, support us.” he said