May 29, 2022

DELTA 2023: Ogboru’s mandate

DELTA 2023: Ogboru’s mandate

By Dennis Akpotu

DELTA State is a cosmopolitan state comprising multi-ethnic entities in the three senatorial districts that make up the state. By the unwritten understanding of the ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, it is the turn of the Delta Central Senatorial District to produce the next governor.

I strongly believe every other political party will key into this understanding for utmost meaningful advantage.

2023 is not going to be business as usual. I make bold to say that a surprise candidate may spring up. Voters in Delta State have come of age, maturing with time and they can identify the fakes from real contenders, irrespective of the political party or moneybags.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has held sway since the advent of the Fourth Republic without commensurate structures on ground compared to the huge sums of money allocated to the state.

Since all this sundry years when the PDP were in control of the state, they have inadvertently betrayed the trust of the people.

Thus, Deltans have been fooled for too long, they can no longer be fooled again, come 2023. The fact that Chief Great Ogboru had contested many times and lost, will not be enough reason for him not to contest this time again.

The popularity of Ogboru within Delta State and beyond cannot be questioned. He has been a successful business mogul for decades. He is kind, compassionate and has an undying sympathy for the downtrodden.

With the little God has blessed him with, he touches lives. Such a personality is a huge and multiple asset to Deltans.

Chief Ogboru has a workable manifesto for the three senatorial districts that make up the state. He holds the people so dearly to his heart. That is to say, he understands the yearnings, cries and needs of the people these sundry years.

If voted as governor, he will never, never disappoint the people. He definitely has something to offer, that is why he has been gunning for the race all this while.

Deltans need to ‘’shine their eyes’’ and give him their mandate this last time.

Ogboru has a date with destiny in 2023. To the pursuit of sorrowful past, desperate present and glorious future, Chief Great Ogboru stands on the brink of tomorrow. While others are tied to the apron strings of godfathers, Ogboru’s one voice resonates in the desert of Delta State. He is very energetic, with great firmness of purpose, strength of resolution and a vigour of action. The ‘’can do’’ spirit in him is obvious, another reason why he has been persistent in his bid to salvage the sinking boat of Deltans.

The force that propels him all this while is that he absolutely and strongly believes Delta State should not be where it presently is. It should be the ‘’ELDORADO’’ of Nigeria.

Something is definitely not right. There is so much rot going on beneath, the bridge.

Ogboru’s main goal is freeing Deltans from the shackles of poverty and deprivation. He lives and move and have his being in the pursuit of this goal. All that he does is directed to this end.

Looking down the road, the ultimate dreams of Deltans remains an illusion, no one fells fulfilled or enamoured with the way things have shaped up under the PDP misrule.

Moreoso, under utilisation, misallocation and misapplication of our abundant, physical, material and human resource endowments seems to have left us perpetually on the fringe of our potentials, and worse still, although we variously admit their failings, we seem quite so delirious to accept the bitter pills we ought to swallow.

Now, the question is when shall we take possession of our inheritance, and proceed in peaceable enjoyment and utilisation of our pre-eminence in the comity of states in this country?

Chief Great Ogboru is an epitome of a gentlemanship with ecclesiastical values, a detribalised Deltan with a cosmopolitan outlook and urbane orientation, effervescent, with an audacious capacity to tell it as it is, blunt and factly. Interestingly, he stands on a tripod in Detlta State having married an Ijaw woman from Delta South while his mother is from Delta North.

These attributes would be fully harnessed. No wonder, he is a colossus, a pan-Deltan, that is at home with all.

Ogboru is a successful man from all ramifications. Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish yourself. It is what you do for others. You feel uplifted when you do something good for someone else. Maybe, the simple joy of having to help another in a moment of need.

To my fellow voters across the length and breadth of Delta State, do not violate your conscience. Do not trade your core values for meagre money. Let us all make the Ogboru dream a reality come 2023.

*Akpotu is residents in Asaba, Delta State