May 20, 2022

Customs to commence implementation of reviewed e-VIN today


By Godfrey Bivbere

The Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, yesterday said it will commence the implementation of the reviewed electronic Vehicle Identification Number, e-VIN today.

Speaking at the sensitisation workshop for stakeholders in Apapa, Lagos, the Controller in charge of e-valuation, Abuja, Anthony Udenze, said the application will be launched today and will be fully deployed from Saturday.

Recall that the Service had earlier introduced the e-VIN platform which was opposed by stakeholders as a result of lack of consultation and the high value of duty payable on imported vehicles.

Udeze explained that the Service took into consideration all the complaints raised by stakeholders during the first attempt to implement the application, and made the necessary corrections before the redeployment.

He said the VIN system is aimed at facilitating trade, stressing that the new values have been unified and simplified.

“Right now, we have cases where values given by various commands are different. There has been outcry for the unification of value from the valuation unit and the Service deemed it fit to listen to this cry.

“Remember that two months ago we deployed this valuation and there was an outcry. The Comptroller-General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ali (Rtd) in his magnanimity listened to the cry of stakeholders and set up a committee to review the process and the committee worked assiduously to come up with something that would be acceptable to all.

“We drew up officers from various Commands’ valuation units and today we can tell you that what we are presenting today will be acceptable globally,” Udeze stated.

He noted that the new VIN Valuation system considered all options, including accidental vehicles and salvage vehicles were all built-in, even as uniformity in values from all the Area Commands has also been achieved. Udenze noted that apart from engagement with stakeholders in the industry, members of the House of Representatives also reviewed the new VIN valuation system and approved it.