April 4, 2022

Judelin Bedoite and the Safety Promo platform continue their march forward

Judelin Bedoite and the Safety Promo platform continue their march forward

You probably know the marketing platform Safety Promo, but do you know its founder Judelin Bedoite?

Of Haitian origin, Judelin Bedoite is 27 years old and he founded Safety Promo in 2014, with the sole objective of becoming essential in digital marketing. And it is through his obsession with a job well done that his ultimate goal will be achieved.

Nominated and rewarded several times in ceremonies related to digital culture, communication and the media, his work in the Haitian artistic community is recognized by all.

With the growing satisfaction of his many collaborators, artists but also fans, the young man managed to make a name for himself in the middle.

Navigating between France and Haiti, Judelin never hesitates to bring his support and the help necessary for the smooth running of certain shows.

Recently, he partnered with Trace Ayiti to launch the channel with the goal of bringing Haitian music to the world.
Promotion is really his point of miracle, both thanks to his unfailing involvement in the work he undertakes, and to the love he has for it.

Whatever happens, he always does his best to achieve his goals and his results speak for him. Judelin Bedoite has succeeded in making Safety Promo travel around the world, and at the same time in making his culture known to as many people as possible.

Mr. Bedoite thus makes it a point of honor to always provide quality work, not to say irreproachable.

Highly appreciated and recognized by his collaborators, Judelin Bedoite is undoubtedly a key figure not only in the media and business world, but also in the social life of Haiti.