March 20, 2022

I don’t like religious men —Actress, Rita Akoji

I don’t like religious men —Actress, Rita Akoji


Everything in life is a bitter-sweet prospect. At least, this is a fact that has registered with budding actress, Rita Akoji who has had her own share of sweet and sour moments in life. As much as is uncertain in life, Rita sure knows for certain a kind of man that can never get the keys to her heart.

“What attracts me to the opposite sex are looks and wisdom. You have to be ambitious, smart, and handsome! I don’t like religious men though,” she confessed to Potpourri in a chat.

The beautiful actress and content creator, went on to explain exactly what she means, highlighting her own understanding of ‘religious men’.

“There’s a difference between spirituality and religion. A spiritual man knows the difference between good and evil and when evil seems like good he stays back at good. A religious man is indoctrinated, he knows the difference between good and evil but indoctrination makes him not differentiate evil that seems like good,” she explained.

“For example, there’s a common quote that states, ‘

Love your neighbor as yourself.’A spiritual man will love his neighbors regardless of differences in religion and belief etc. But a religious man will only love those with the same belief as him,” she added.

Rita Akoji is also an entrepreneur but currently working as a digital marketer in Nevada Bridge TV. She studied journalism at Sikkim Manipal University, Accra, Ghana.

She starred in Office Banter Web Series, a Nevada Bridge TV Original.