January 4, 2022

South-East Attacks: This madness must stop, IPOB warns security agents

IPOB has no link with Biafra National Guard― Emma Powerful

By Arogbonlo Israel

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has warned those behind incessant attacks in the South-East, saying “they (criminal elements) have as usual resorted to lies and propaganda to deceive the gullible minds”.

Exonerating itself from the killings in the region, the group through its spokesperson Emma Powerful Wednesday, said they have no hands in the spate of killings and abductions in any part of South-East.

The group claimed some criminal elements parading as security agents are the ones behind the incessant killings in a bid to demonise IPOB.

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“It is true that we criticise some traitors among our people including politicians, traditional rulers, and even fake religious leaders.

“Our condemnation of their unpatriotic actions against Biafra has not got to the level of going after any of them.

“Maybe very soon these criminals behind the bloodletting in our land will start going after religious leaders and blame their abominable act on IPOB and ESN.”

“The recent confession by Rochas Okorocha has vindicated us.

“Some wicked people in collaboration with the security agents are the masterminds of the insecurity in our land.

“Many buildings were burnt down in Umutanze, Amaifeke in Orlu and Orsu by compromised security agents in Imo. This madness must stop,” the group added.

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