Niger Delta community commends Buhari over appointment of Roland Tonlagha, others
President Muhammadu Buhari during a special interview with Channels TV. PHOTO: YouTube

By Prisca Sam-Duru

A large number of Nigerians on social media, have expressed disappointment over some comments made by President Muhammadu Buhari, in an interview aired by Channels TV during the week.

One of the President’s statements that got the masses angry was his asking people to go back to the farm, knowing how insecurity has led to the sudden death of a large percentage of Nigerian farmers while many of those alive, have been chased away from their farms by terrorists.

The President had in response to questions bothering on how the Nigerian economy has worsened since he assumed office in 2015, said, “We have to allow people have access to the farm. We just have to go back to the land. We have to go back to the land.”

That answer was definitely not what the people expected. Below are some of their reactions on Facebook.

Abdulwahab Amedu commented; Perhaps PMB may have made a good president if this were 1980. But with technology taking the world by storm and creating millionaires and billionaires all over the world, all he could think of is farming. He is not the right President for this young generation

Adebowale Adelagun wrote; Buhari has performed woefully on his subjects of campaign which are: security, economy and corruption. Unfortunately, he’s deluded and believes that he’s doing well. We, the citizen bear the brunt and fallouts of his too low for zero performance.

Regrettably, he’s not ready for any reform – State police; Ranching; true federalism as in VAT control by States and removing items from exclusive lists to concurrent lists, are all aberration to PMB. We’re in dire straight. He’s now talking of opening up grazing route in this technological/computerized generation. This option, I believe, is dead on arrival. No, No, No.  2023 come quickly.

Dennis Achoda noted; I wrote this government off long ago because I know nothing meaningful will come out of it. Why wasting time to listen to an interview or broadcast from a man who has nothing to offer. Our prayer should rather be to God to divinely supply our needs and keep us alive by 2023.

PMB wants to push the remaining people in Nigeria that bandits, terrorists and hardship have spared to the farm to be slaughtered by the herdsmen.

Pius Lewis queried; Which farm? The farm wen Fulani herdsmen don take over? Farming is like suicide mission in this part of the world; if you end up alive, you’re likely going to lose your farm produce to  herdsmen and their cattle. Mr President, are you not informed?

Yilwamma Godep commented;  What happened to the fertilizer subsidy he promised farmers? Can 3,000 or 6500 buy one bag of fertilizer?

Only in his regime that sharing of fertilizer is being politicized and inputs reached farmers after farming season.

Who will go to farm when there is no security?  Over 100 farmers are killed on their rice farm in Borno. Farmers must work for Boko Haram and bandits before they will farm their own.

This government lack economic ideas. They are responsible for our Economic challenges.

Mohammed Hulu wrote; If you listen to that interview, you will agree with President Obasanjo, that we should expect nothing from Buhari, sorry to say but I am disappointed with myself for voting him twice.

Samuel Adubo wrote; If it’s possible and could be made constitutionally, why not pay this administration off and allow them go in peace, they have nothing actually to offer again just like obasanjo proclaimed.

Augustine Okie commented; His vision and ambition are to be a civilian president and nothing more. He had no plan or vision for the nation. I blame the blind, poor, uninformed, senseless electorates including the greedy selfish political sycophants for the trauma they caused Nigerians.

Evalibroda Arias also queried;  Return to farm …Did Fulani herdsmen allow people to farm? Returning to farm is not a problem if only your kinsmen… (Ur brothers ) will allow them …but what u answered is not what they asked you …chai Nigeria APC-lead government has taken you (Nigeria) to 1903 century …9ja is a goal .

Inah Ishaya wrote; The same farm Fulani herd their cattle on and if you challenge them as a farmer ,they’ll use their AK 47 to kill u and your entire family.

The same farm bandits have chased away the people from the community because of kidnapping and demands for huge amount as ransom? This government is shameless.

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Also, a good number of people expressed displeasure over the president’s comment that the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu would not be released rather he should “defend himself in our system, not to be abusing us from Europe as if he was not a Nigerian…”

Reacting, Innocent Onu wrote; Each time he speaks, he’s never about unifying or healing the country; always threatening.

Samuel Okonkwo commented; The fact is that Mohammed Buhari must be very careful on how he is treating the case of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu because it is more delicate than an egg.

Ayokunnu Ajibola commented; So, he abused you from Europe, that’s his offense? I’m happy that those who voted for you are as well suffering the highest cost of things in Nigeria. Ride on. Please will you go for two more terms? By then, all human right activists would have totally become deaf, dumb and muted unlike the noise all of them were making on the streets during Jonathan period.

Obaji Obi wrote; We Shall Definitely Defeat You Buhari In Your Own System (Court) Tyranny.

James Oluwafemi wrote; “Nigerians know I don’t interfere with judiciary”… really!!!, you appointed Sharia court judge as Nigeria chief justice and you don’t interfere, you never obey court orders and you don’t interfere. Which kind talk be that!

Williams Otu commented; Nigerians knew this too well, that this Government considers the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu as its “signature-project.” A camel, passing through the eye of a needle, is more easier than the authorities asking him to go home. But, I still don’t think that, Nnamdi is our major problem.

Adewale Oyebade wrote; Good! Give him fair hearing. Stop selecting which court order to obey. Stop delay tactics in court proceeding. Stop violating right of other stake holders in the trial. Be sincere with yourself sir with due respect. It appears you don’t have people who are willing to tell you the truth around you.

Marro Overcomer also wrote; Then why the adjustment nah? Mazi Nnamdi Kanu I know can defend himself; He is God sent.

Mark Hezekiah noted; It is evident Nnamdi Kanu will remain in prison till the end of Buhari regime with this response.

Aniobi Maria wrote; How Nnamdi Kanu has become the only problem of this country. I guess it’s Nnamdi Kanu that brought fuel scarcity and high price of commodities.

Nnamdi Obinwe wrote; Best news of the year…Justice must prevail and am sure this will expose Nigeria government..

Ekene Aneke noted; You will tell us how your government kidnapped him in kenya and brought him back to Nigeria.

Otunba Iromini wrote; I said it clearly that time when one Oba was saying Afenifere should plead on behalf of Sunday Igboho to be released as some Igbo leaders did for MNK.

He won’t, but will just entertain them with laughter & jocularity.

Hon Julius Briggs queried; In what case is he defending himself? There is no case for him to defend. He has no case, so he should be released. If you don’t, then you will do when the time comes. You have a kidnapping case to answer. Buhari government should tell the world how they kidnapped Kanu….

Izuchukwu Nwakanwa responded; Then, let the case begin. Tell your charge-and-bail judges to stop postponing the case; we’re not Nigerians, we’re Biafrans.

Ifeanyi Eke wrote; It is your government that is lawless and running away from their court adjournment upon adjournment. Come and argue your case if you are sure you are right.

Stanley Uchechukwu wrote; PMB is a very honest Man unlike the presidency that tells lies.

Thank you for your honesty. But remember MNK will disgrace your Government because he is more educated than your illiterate judiciary. Only time shall tell.

Nwabuego Sunny commented; So, his only treasonable offense was abusing you from Europe?

He has told you time without number that he is not a Nigerian.

Godwin k. queried; How can he defend himself when you have hijacked the judiciary?…

Nasir Lawal wrote; But Buhari government can pardon Boko Haram and even grant them amnesty.

Osas Kelly commented; I commend u for this statement but unfortunately Nigeria has no system that kanu can defend himself. Nothing good can come out of a country that is fantastically corrupt.

Muna Anyanwu queried; On what grounds were repented BH members pardoned and rehabilitated?

Lawal Nuredeen commented; God will defend him you shall all be put to ….Because this man is innocent; I don’t see any crime he has ever committed. Seeking referendum peacefully, is it a crime? Bandits and Gumi are walking freely. One thing I know for sure is that karma shall prevail.

Mekus Fresco also wrote; This is why he borrows recklessly. He doesn’t have a clue on the economics of consequences that will follow.

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