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It’s official that a Google Search on Black Wall Street now brings up first the story of the destruction and immediately afterwards

This is very remarkable seeing that the legacy of the BWS is one that has exceeded 100 years with very many people especially from the African American population in the US making efforts to push the legacy including the new mall construction in Atalanta GA for the same cause.

There are of course many reasons we can try to attest to the reason Google will practically assign the economic legacy of Africans to but the most sticking will be this video which clearly indicates that Charles N Lambert understands the past, controls the narrative of the present and gives clear directions into the future. (Video explaining BWS).

Comments Regarding this include the following;

“Charles N Lambert is beyond brilliant. The genius ‘ the Oracle. Google has to accept “

” This is good but expected news. Lambert is Gods gift to Africa and people of African descent anywhere in the world “.

” Charles N Lambert is a true king ordained by God Himself. Google is sensitive to the times “.

Below is a screenshot of an image indicating that google has ranked Charles Lambert’s BWS.

Charles N Lambert is the Chairman of Africa’s biggest and only platform for economic development, Black Wall Street (BWS).

Black Wall Street Explosion: Nigerian investor profits from UPAP

The BWS is an embodiment of financial freedom, a message of hope, an empowerment tool, a rare investment opportunity, a quest for economic recovery and the democracy of the African economy.

Black Wall Street was resurrected in Africa after 100 years of destruction by Racist Capitalists in the US and the innovator and creator of Compassionate Capitalism, King Charles N Lambert.

Africans from all over the world are looking up to BWS to usher the continent to the next level.

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