By Ndahi Marama

Following a report by a Non Governmental Organisation, ‘Clean Up Nigeria’, that Borno state is the dirtiest state in the country, the state government, Saturday, denied the report, saying that the NGO is the dirtiest organization in Nigeria.

The state government accused the NGO of sitting down in their comfort zone in Abuja and concocted falsehood against Borno state Government.

In its defense, the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Barrister Kaka Shehu Lawan, described the report as false, noting that it has no lawful effect.

Disclosing this at the monthly and end of year 2021 Sanitation Exercise in Maiduguri on Saturday, Lawan opined: “The claim by Clean Up Nigeria that Borno is the dirtiest state in Nigeria is baseless, unfounded, vexatious, frivolous and of no lawful effect whatsoever.

“This is because, we have not seen anybody in this part of the state coming for an assessment visit. If not they are a hypocrite, when they came, their first point of call should have be the Ministry of Environment or BOSEPA for them to get data of even the equipments on ground and then the manpower we have for sanitation, look at our laws and also find time and come to Maiduguri to get a first hand information before conclusion.

“You cannot stay in your comfort in Abuja, concoct report and rank Borno dirty. They are the one that are dirty and not Borno.” Lawan said.

On the outcome of the sanitation exercise, the Commissioner said,  “Some pretty traders are engaged in cooking food items such as cocoa yam, sweet potatoes, Groundnuts etc with used tyres, plastics, pylons and all sort of things that have toxic substances.

“You can see how this tree and its leads has turned black as a result of the smoke and the pollution emanated from these cooking substances they used in cooking these various food items in Gazargamo area with a view for selling it to members of the public for consumption.

“Honestly speaking, this is not only hazardous, but heinous. If we do not stand Firm to wipe out this offenders, we will not end the rampant cases of renal diseases that is common in the state.

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“As such, this monthly environmental Sanitation exercise is not only out to ensure our environment is clean, but to also extend the horizon by identifying black spot areas where dead animals are been sold, where there are illegal businesses such as illicit drugs, prostitution, rape and other social vices.

“We just visited one bakery and we have given two hours to the owner of such bakery company to fix it in a proper shape or risk been closed and prosecuted.

“We want the general public to cooperate with us by giving us useful information of these types of places. We have a unit in the Borno State Environmental Protection Agency (BOSEPA), that is saddled with the responsibility of seal this type of places, and been the Commissioner of Environment, I am the Chief Enforcer.

“The level of compliance in most places we visited today is quite impressive, but there are others which are bad, especially in Gwange general area. What we saw in those places at Gwange is dangerous. People did not come out to participate, rather they chose to engage in their day to day activities, we have apprehended alot of defaulters and they will face the full wrath of the law based on the Sanitation laws.

“We have also identified some metal dealers a.k.a Ajoakuta in Gwange, we have not only sealed the place but also to go after those who are at large. We are going to relocate them out of those places, because, most common petty criminals that engaged in common stealing normalcy sale the items to these type of people, now they are at large, but they cannot be at large forever. Government has declared them wanted and we will get them and arraigned them in a court of law in accordance with offences they committed.

“If you look at it, school age children of primary, secondary, Polytechnic, monotechnic among others have complied and came out enmasse to participate in this exercise along the main entrance of the city, this is quite encouraging.

“Today’s exercise is judged as the best as it is the one that signifies end of the 2021, and we will do our best to improve come 2022.” Lawan stated.

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