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Sunday Igboho

…No offence in keeping multiple bank accounts, but…-CACOL

By Olasunkanmi Akoni

Chairman, Centre for Anti-corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL), comrade Debo Adeniran, maintained that there is no offence in having multiple bank accounts but not out of place to investigate according to Malami.

Adeniran said: “Though there is no offence in having multiple bank accounts, it absolutely unnecessary to keep multiple bank accounts by an individual.

“Even when an individual is having several companies, it’s not ideal to keep multiple accounts. The owner can open auxiliary accounts to save the stress of multiple accounts. Maybe that’s why it looks suspicious to Malami.

“However, it’s not an offence to keep multiple bank accounts, more so, if not linked with any illicit money transactions like laundry or it’s been used for receiving proceeds of human trafficking.

“On the other hand, if true, like Malami is accusing some people of sponsoring Igboho, then, they have to come out and clear their names. This has to be taken seriously.

“Because you wonder the enormous financial resources at the disposal of these individuals and wonder where they get the money from.

“The matter remains suspicious until proven otherwise and the accused should prove the accounts are legitimate.”

This blackmail won’t work – CAIDOV

Executive Director, Centre Against Injustice and Domestic violence, Gbenga Soloki, described Malami’s statement as “most unfortunate, reckless and irresponsible. “

Soloki stated: “Accusing anyone of having many bank accounts is nothing but sheer hypocrisy, is there a law that precludes someone from having so many accounts? Which law has been breached?

“Instead of playing to the gallery, the attorney general should name the alleged lawmaker sponsoring Igboho, get such arrested and prosecuted if there are convincing evidence to the effect.

“The Attorney General should tell the world what has happened to the bureau de change operators accused of funding the activities of Boko haram, it’s not about playing to the gallery, but acting towards resolving the crises of insurgency, banditry and call for secession.

“Nigerians are losing confidence in this government by sheer inconsistency and policy summersaults.

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“Let him tell the whole world who the sponsors of Igboho are and not the number of accounts being held.”

Owning 44, 50 bank accounts is not a crime in law – CPPM

The Executive Chairman, Committee for the Protection of Peoples Mandate, CPPM,
Nelson Ekujumi said the law does not stipulate the number of bank accounts an individual can have.

Ekujumi maintained that owning 44 or 50 bank accounts is not a crime in law, but the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria frowns or prohibits persons or organization owning bank accounts and using them for purposes other than it was intended which is for commercial or private transactions.

According to him; “If in the operation of a bank account, the owner is found to have broken the law by engaging in acts of money laundering, terrorism or whatever crime, then he or she should be made to face the consequences notwithstanding whether he or she is a pastor, Imam or agitator or whatever.

“The law does not give anyone the right or power to operate single or multiple bank accounts to undermine national security by causing insurrection.”

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