October 14, 2021

Mentors Have Multiple Roles per Jonas Muthoni

Founder and CEO of the revolutionary Deviate Agency, the visionary Jonas Muthoni knows all too well the importance of thinking outside the box to become successful. Basing his successful business on innovation and diverse points of view, Muthoni and his team find winning solutions even in the face of extreme adversity. One of the most effective tools in Muthoni’s arsenal is mentorship, regardless of whether he is the mentor or the pupil. Here are some ways that a mentor can skyrocket an individual to success, as per him.


To be successful, a person needs to have a clear picture of what they want and how to get there. “Mentors can provide not only clarity of purpose but also a clarity of understanding when it comes to establishing a career path,” explains Jonas Muthoni. “They also offer advice on progression, transition, and benchmarks.”


“Mentor-pupil relationships must be built on trust,” says Muthoni. “This is established with building rapport due to similarities and the mentor putting themselves in the mentee’s shoes. After all, the teacher was once the pupil, and they empathize with how rookies think and feel. More importantly, mentors are great listeners not just with their ears but also with their instincts.”


Mentor-mentee relationships can last a lifetime, so both parties need to be aware of the level of commitment required for this relationship. Jonas Muthoni says, “Many youngsters often get deviated from their track when they don’t find success at the first attempt. That’s where the mentor steps in to make them realize the importance of staying true and committed to your goal. And consistent hard work invariably results in fruition.”

Problem Solving

As per Jonas Muthoni, a good mentor is also an effective problem solver. “If a mentor truly knows their mentee, they will know what is going on with them, and if a situation arises where this person needs a guiding hand, they will always be with them,” he says.


“Moreover, mentors also introduce their pupil to their professional network,” reveals Jonas Muthoni. “This creates invaluable opportunities for the mentee to move in the right circles, meet the right people, and be presented with personalized chances for a bright future. After all, strong professional relationships are a currency in their own right.”

Jonas Muthoni has been on both sides of the mentor-mentee relationship, and he understands the aspects of each role. The keywords are understanding and empathy, as this rests on a delicate balance with life-changing consequences. Everything comes down to a very simple concept: being on the right career trajectory.